Friday, January 6, 2012

Where My Vitamins Live

Can you see them there?  Amongst the clutter?  Right on the top of my laptop docking station at work live my vitamins.  I house them in a little daily pill container.  And I am currently on the longest streak in the nearly three years that I have been banded of taking my vitamins as I am supposed too.  I load the container every Monday morning, and start taking them sometime after breakfast.  On the weekends, I throw the container in my purse and take it home. 

I am getting some blood work done for my upcoming 3 year check up, and I am anxious to see if the areas I was deficient in last year are better now. 

Just wanted to share what works for me! 



  1. I know you posted this before...but what vits do you take?

  2. Great idea. I only take a multi, a flax seed oil and a calcium chew. I take them first thing while I'm making my breakfast.

  3. Great job vitamins are the key to weight loss. And I think they really just make u feelbetter