Monday, January 2, 2012

Running Against the Wind

Part of my "new" exercise routine for this new year will be changing things up just a little...and sadly...for me...that means adding more cardio to my workout and possibly cutting back on my weight lifting just a tad.  Instead of 4-6 sessions of weights a week, I am going to cut back to just 3 times a week, and add 2 sessions of cardio.

Mommy hates cardio.  I've even grown to hate Zumba.  I know.  It's true.  But, for ME to LOSE weight, I know I need to up my cardio and keep it consistent. 

So this morning, I went for a run.  I made my little playlist to go along with my Nike running gps app...which I have talked about before, but it is well worth the $2.99 to purchase it.  I love that it tracks my route, I can play my playlist through it, it tracks my pace, shows a map, etc.  I have tried other free apps in the past, and none are as accurate or user friendly. 

Anywhoozle, I started running to Will.I.Am's new I got a little excited out of the gate and thought I may have to start walking just 1 minute in.  I made it though, without stopping, 3.13 miles...half of thosse against the wind.  The wind is no joke my friends!  I did pass this cute jogger man twice, and managed to say "This wind sucks" to him like I knew what I was talking about.  My pace is slow, but it was steady.  Upon entering the house I grabbed my water bottle and the bottle of IBprofen.  My knees were really hurting for some reason this time...they usually dont bother  me.

Hell.  I am old.

But I am feeling good spirit wise.  I feel like I can stay away from the diet hooch for the day, drink my water, make positive choices.

Here is my Nike GPS app for today:

I am also using Daily Plate/Livestrong app to track my calories.  Heather uses it religiously, and I have used to from time to time.  We pay for the $2 version...and they recently  made it tons more user friendly.  Here is the home page on my iphone app:

Some of the songs I have on my running playlist are:

Happy Monday folks.  It seems like a lot of us bloggers are recommitting.  Let's do this together.


  1. And she's back! The angels are singing again. All is right with the blog world. I remember the old days when you were excited to walk two miles. You are still my #1 inspiration. Now I want to go for a jog, but it's 20 degrees out and crazy windy. Boo!
    I guess I'll just kick some ass on the elliptical.
    Thanks for the motivation, love!

  2. I can't see the GPS app or the running playlist. Damn. Can you please re-post the playlist? I need some good running music. I just downloaded a couple of LMFAO songs - they're my new favorite for workouts.

  3. I have a shirt that says " running sucks" and I love to wear it when I run. There's a reason it works to burn calories. Cause it sucks! Big smoochie!

  4. You are rockin' it hard... Good for you! I almost passed out in the Kmart from low calorie liquid only mixed with loss of blood from my TOM... But i am alive and kicking. Day 2...Check!

  5. great to see you "back" to blogging Amy! And can't wait to see you reach your May goal :)

  6. Camille - I have a shirt that says, "I thought they said RUM" - its my favorite running shirt! LOL. Amy - I use Livestrong Daily plate (not the upgraded version) and I love Nike Plus. Send me your user ID and I'll challenge you on there! Lets get this thing going!!

  7. I font remember where you live or I would have googled it for you but check and see if there is a SkyZone in your area. It us an indoor trampoline park and I go there 2x a week for my cardio. So so so fun. Check it out. :)

  8. Don't not font. Darn phone. :)

  9. Glad to see you are back! The running playlist didn't display. Can you post it again?