Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Like Pretty Things

David Beckham Shows Off Sexy Six-Pack Abs in H&M Underwear Ad

David B has been blowing my phone UP! He keeps calling...asking me out...and I say "NO DAVID BECKHAM.  NO!  I LOVE HEATHER".  He just won't get the picture though.

But I am not kidding when I said I stared at this picture for at least 60 seconds, elbow on desk, head in palm, mouth slightly opened.  He's pretty. 

What's funny though, is if I just look at the midsection-above the package, or at the quads, below the package-I could mistake him for my girlfriend. 

It's true.  I live with a ridiculous peace of muscle.  And during the winter, one may not be able to see what I am dealing with on a daily basis, but it's motivating.  Not like I think for a moment that any amount of working out would make me resemble her body, but she has spent many years working on her muscles and their placement.  For example, she has one of those butts.  You know.  Pokes out but sets high.

And this may have just turned into a Heather compliment fest, but I really had a point until I got distracted with Davie up there...

and of course the point is ME-focused.  I have been working on my lower half with squats, lunges, and the I have discussed before.  And I am pretty sure that my quads AND my ass are getting bigger (not due to the few pounds I am up).  And both of these things are good...but they are almost counterproductive to one of my lifelong wishes (since puberty anyways) that pants shopping was easy.  Because my hips...well ladies and gentlemen, seem to be stuck in weight loss purgatory.  Meaning...fat doesnt seem to ever leave them.  And so now I am adding muscle bulk, not really trading that fat bulk...and holy Pepe jeans people...the fit of my slacks is getting weirder.

Sigh.  A trade off I suppose.

Anyways, those are my thoughts.  And one last thought about Heather.  The girl was off work for practically 2 weeks, barely worked out, and ate and drank like the end of the world was right around the corner.  She LOST weight.  Mmmmhmmm...saw 121 on the scale.  I almost stabbed her with my SonicCare the morning she skipped off the scale.  But I would miss her too much.

Or at least her ass.

The end.


  1. Ha ha! Love the part about the sonic care...... And missing her ass! Another funny post.... Thanks

  2. I once had a mimbo. He had the most perfect human body I have ever laid eyes or hands on. Utterly exquisite. Good times.

    Even though I do not/will not have one myself, there is tremendous pleasure in having ongoing access to a well-defined musculature. Congrats and I'm jealous!

  3. I LOVE what squats, lunges, and kickboxing have done for my butt! DH actually said the other day, "wow, you have a high butt now!" Amazing what working out (esp resistance training) can do! Trust me, I never got these butt-results from running, even training for a marathon.

    I'm sure your butt looks awesome!

  4. I didn't even care what your post was about. I saw Becks and my mouse started working on its own... Such the pretty.

  5. Ha! Pepe jeans...I remember those. I loved them!

  6. Wow, frustrating- though good for Heather.
    One time when I was on my 900th diet and had been cooking healthy meals for my husband and me (pre-child), my husband went to his annual physical and had lost 10 pounds without trying.
    He told me, but was very hesitant to share that info at the time b/c he know I might be really discouraged by his virtually effortless weight loss.
    I probably ate a pan of brownies that night-- but I have blocked it out!

  7. Heather is amazing.... I know how you feel though, George is firm... and He doesn't eat right or work out... He's just made that way, and now he's getting a little belly which i think is cute... Ain't Love Grand? But even his little belly is firm.... No jiggle, flab or squish.

  8. *sigh* Sometimes I hate hearing about Heather and how much she doesn't have to struggle with what we all do. It just plain isn't fair. But it is impossible not to love her. I just wish she could whip my ass into shape ;)