Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Playlist

It didnt show up for some of you, so here you go:

T.H.E (the hardest ever)-Will.I.AM (dirty version)
Break Stuff-Limp Biskit (dirty version)
Sugar-Kid Rock (again, dirty version)
So Hott-Kid Rock (dirty version)
Fish-Craig Campbell (country)
Nookie-Limp Biskit
Hell on Heels (country)
This is Why Im Hot-Mims (great reminder of why you are working out)
Stereo Hearts-Gym Class Heros
Work Out-Cole World J. Cole
You-Chris Young (country--might be too slow)
Pause Zumba Mix-Pitbull
Walk This Way-Run DMC
Booty Wurk-Joey Galaxy
Shake Ya Tailfeather-Nellie
No. 1-Nellie
Sexy and I know it-LMFAO
Moves Like Jagger-Maroon 5
I do-Toya
Faded-Soul decision
Hurts so good-John Mellencamp
I wanna be bad-Willa Ford
Hit Em Up Style-Blu Cantrell

There you go kids!


  1. thanks!! Gonna download some and get moving!!! BTW, Shake Ya Tailfeather is my number 1!! LOVE IT!!

  2. Nice! Except for the country, I have a lot of overlaps, so you know I like it. Hurts so good is an awesome one!!

  3. I Do by Toya used to be on my workout mix yearsssss ago (we're talking discman here lol)- that song NEVER gets old!!!! And Shake Ya Tailfeather, that's from my college bar days LOL

    thanks for sharing!

  4. I love me some Maroon 5.... but Sexy and I know it makes me sing out in public... Always a distraction when you're working out.