Monday, January 2, 2012

Questions From The Un-banded

I received a FB message from one of my coworkers, who I love because everytime we run into each other she says "You've lost more weight", and then I get to tell her that I am in fact getting fatter...and we argue briefly about how good I look.

But I digress...

She of course knows that I am banded, has found my blog, and asked me the following questions.  And I thought I would answer them here for any of you newbies or those who are considering WLS.

 I am really thinking that this is the route I want to go but I have so many fears... will I loose the weight, be able to resist the temptations, tone up?? How did you do it, and were you not scared?

I hesitate these days to tell someone that the band is the most amazing weight loss tool ever.  Because even though for me, it certainly has been, over the past several years, I have seen those who succeed, those who don't, those who really want to but...for what ever reason...the band was not the right choice.  But I do not hesitate to say that for me, making the choice to a) have weight loss surgery and b) going the route of the band versus other options, has been the best decision of my life.  It has freed me.  It has given me things I never thought were going to be possible.  It has allowed me to live my life to the fullest-physically speaking anyways.   I would do it again in a heartbeat.

But, medical issues aside (bc there are those in our fold who have had to have the band removed and chose other options) I know the band CAN work.  But it only does about 50% fo the job.  And maybe that's why it worked for me.  Because I knew I could do HALF the work at least....just don't expect me to do 100%.  (Heather says I like to do things half-assed.  She may be on to something).  Once Dr. Friedman told me that I could have the surgery and NOT lose any weight, I knew I wasn't going to be THAT girl.  If I was going through with it, I was going through with it.  And it helped Dr. Friedman was smokin' and I wanted to impress him.

And like I have said before, having a good doctor-regardless of hotness-but one that you trust, can work with, let's you get fills when you make the case for one, etc...can make you or break you even before you get started.

I don't really remember being scared.  I remember being scared the day of surgery, just bc you get that fear that you may die :) But after that...I was good.

And the toning up thing.  Well, that depends on SO many factors, but I believe that if you start working out and then actually start WEIGHT TRAINING, that over the does start to look better.  I have been lifting now regular for at least two years.  And it's not THAT bad.  You can't just lose the weight and THEN start toning.  It will be too late.  You can't just do cardio and expect your body to tone up.  It's a mix.  But you have to do it.  And that can be one of the hardest things.  Because the band doesnt help you work out.  Damn it.

But regardless of what you choose, do your research.  Be honest with yourself.  But don't wait.  Don't let your fears keep you from something that potentially could change your live for the better.  The unknown doesnt have to be scary.  It can be full of great things, new things, and the beginning of a new lease on life.

Hope that helps!


  1. I was banded 8 weeks ago and although I had fears about it, the fear that I would die from weight related issues was much greater.

    I am glad you are going to blog regularly again. Your blog (along with one other) was pivotal in my decision.

  2. Very good post, as a person who has not yet gotten WLS surgery but has decided to you make some very good points. Whatever it is one decides there's going to be work involved...that's good to know.

  3. I get the fear thing and the blogs Ive been reading really take alot of it away. I really had a hard time thinking I was worth this insane amount of money for the band (Im in Canada and have to pay it out of pocket - $16,210) and what if I didnt lose as much as I picture losing??? But after reading this and other blogs - I know I can do it because I have an awesome support group in all of you who have been there and done this.

    Thanks for blogging!!!!! It really helps - BTW Im 2 months and 5 days away until my surgery day.

  4. You are a Band Guru..... XOXO *M*

  5. I know all about the fear thing. I still do get scared. The operation, the life style change but for me it's that or being fat forever and that was just as horrific. I got scared about band fills but I needed them to make the band work and now I know they aren't a big deal. Now, I get scared of PB's, being sick, embarrassing myself in public and mostly not succeeding. Like Momee3021 I've had to pay out of pocket and I CANNOT afford to not but the blogs are where you find the confidence and support you need to get through.

  6. While I agree the band was the right decision for ME, it's definitely not the right route for everyone. For instance, I think my hubby would've done better with a sleeve or bypass but it's an individual choice. The band requires a lot more commitment (in my opinion).

  7. Written so perfectly... has given me so much food for thought and a lot of motivation ! thank you x