Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's and Food Coma's

Presently, I am in a food coma...but through the haze brought on by my homemade tomato soup and lack of caffeine, I have managed to drag my comatose body to the keyboard to say hello.


And for those of us who work the Monday-Friday grind, we begin again.  As today is my weigh-in day, I weighed 173.2 this morning...which is a loss from Jan. 1 of...crap...I can do math...6.8 pounds.

I shall take you 6.8 pounds and we shall dance a jig.  Although I really want out of the 170's again dudes.  Hopefully by next week, although that might be a tad of a stretch.

Today I am running after work.  I think I will set my goal for a 4.5 mph pace, for 3.5 miles.  I know I can do it...I just tend to like to quit after 3 miles saying "that's good enough for today".  Well, it isn't good enough okay AMY?  I need to keep pushing a little bit each week. 

On a side note, I picked up a box of nerds (one of those tiny ones) from my coworkers desk today...not because I really even like them, but I was in a snacky mood...and I ate them.  I or 40 calories.  Then, AFTER I ate them, I went to log my calories...60 flippin calories!  For that.  Blah. 

Love ya's!


  1. Wow 60 calories crazy stuff. Good job on the 6.8 pounds.

  2. Lol. Too funny on the Nerd's calories. Great job on losing 6.8 pounds.

  3. Amazing job on the weight loss!!!!

  4. Great loss! I wish my scale would've been as cooperative today.

  5. 6.8 lbs is amazing! Congrats. But I must say...double-u tee eff. I weigh a lot more than you, got way back on track for the past sugar, 100 oz. water, lots of protein, calorie deficits every day, lots of cardio and weights and I've gained 2 lbs! Again, WTF?! So frustrating but I'm going to keep in mind that my body is probably still in shock and if I keep at it eventually it will drop. But way to go Amy!

  6. Hello Amy! You are doing great sticking with it! I need to take a lesson. :)