Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Weekend Recap

Well let me tell you friends, Travis's visit was actually a blast.  Both he and Heather love each other, him and my other light in the loafers bestie Nathan hit it off like two little queers in a pod, and we all had tons of fun.  We spent lots of time in the water, either at the beach or on the river.  We ate good food, and yes...drank too much.  As a result of such fun, I am up 3 pounds.  168.2 on Monday's weigh in.  Not too worried about it, although I would have liked to maintain.  My goal for next Monday is to lose those three and one more for good measure and plan on seeing 164 on Mr. Scale. 

We went tubing on Saturday, and we were waiting for our pick up.  When I met Travis at the airport, I was able to jump on him and wrap my legs around him....without the fear of snapping him in half.
This is what I like to call my sexy finger pose.  Please note the finger to the lips and the pointed toe.  Both very key.  That's Nathan loving me up.

Travis and I getting ready to rope swing. Oh my thigh...always large and in charge.

Sunday afternoon. Pensacola Beach.  Me and me lady.

Back on track today my friends!  What is so tricky about sugar and junk food is that it only really takes on slip for it to come back and rare its ugly, but delicious, head.  When you are trying to eat healthier, you will notice the first week is the hardest, and then it gets a little easier.  BUT, if you happen to eat a Sonic Oreo Blast...well...you must make sure not to give into your brain telling you MORE MORE MORE.

It really wasnt the eating that gave me a good 3 pound gain.  It was the drinking.  Damn you jello shots and beer!

Life is short though.  And when you friend is visiting, you may indulge...a smidge.

Happy Tuesday!

edited for Tessie Rose:  When he saw me, he just said "its so weird I can pick you up".  Or "its so weird you can dress like that", or "it's so weird that you are so small".  It wasnt as exciting as I would have hoped! 


  1. So....what did he say when he saw you? You are leaving out important details here! BTW, you look fab!

  2. The edit was a good add! I was wondering the same thing! What was it like for YOU to have him see you all tiny & such?

  3. I am so glad it went well and maybe cause you moved past wanting him it was so amazing to hear his wows...

  4. Well....I couldn't really focus on words after seeing that ugly shirt he's wearing in the first picture. Go Wildcats!!!! (Boo KU!) Hehehe.

    So glad the weekend went great! See, we all told you it would!!!

  5. Laugh - oh, you crack me up! It never occurs to me to jump up on someone and wrap my legs around them - that you would automatically do it at the airport...well, that just fits you! I'm glad you had a great visit, and I love the sexy finger pose!

  6. I have two favorite blogs...and yours is the FIRST! I feel like I'm hanging on a cliff waiting for the next entry! I almost wrote you yesterday to find out about the weekend! HA HA HA LOVE all the pics!!! You look fantastic! (God, please let me get skinny enough to wear a two piece again...pretty please.)

  7. "It's so weird that you're absolutely freakin' gorgeous!"

  8. Oh god Amy, where do you get the body confidence from? No matter what weight I get to, I never feel "good enough". For what, I don't know. But I do know there is no way in hell I would a) get in a bikini or b) do it in front of a guy I used to have a thing with..

    I love that you do it. I love that you've always done it, regardless of your size. And logically i know that you look fantastic. But I can't do it. How do you kill that critical little (loud) inner voice!? Am 143lb from 259, and wondering if I will ever reach a weight that makes me happy with myself.