Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swimsuit Posing: 101

When posing in a swimsuit, one must be fully aware of their angles.  Also, be looking for props or humans that can block or shield any less than flattering body parts.

Example #1:  The tube hide
Note how the tube is hiding my dangly stomach.  Well played Miss Workman.

Example #2:  The Human Shield
If you can use people around you to block you...you are golden.  Stay golden PonyBoy.

Yet sometimes, even with this large swath of knowledge, there are swimsuit photo shoot mishaps.  Please see below:
Um...first, I am not sure why I hooked my thumb into my skin/fat side meat and pulled it forward in such a fashion.  Mistake #1.  And then...the thigh cellulite.  Damn you hail damage!


  1. haha you crack me up too much! You rock those pics girl!

  2. so does that mean i can be sodapop??
    #1 quit hiding your hot self behind crap
    #2 screw the thumb hook & hail damage! you are hot chickie!!