Monday, August 22, 2011

A visit from my far away friend

I know that I have mentioned my friend Travis before...oh at least once or twice.  In a nutshell, Travis and I had a little relationship that was terribly toxic for several years.  I "loved" him.  I was a doormat.  Travis was a drama queen.  You know, a classic case of girl-loves-boy-and-boy-treats-girl-like-shit-because-it-turns-out-boy-likes-boys-and-Amy-doesn't-have-a-penis-and-the-end.

Because when someone is unhappy with their lives, and they want to take it out on someone, and you LET them take it out on you...guess what happens my friends?  They usually DO.  But we were best friends with benefits for awhile.  And then just best friends.  But somehow I never really got over being lied to and some of the hurt, and so now we just text a lot.  The last time he came down was 3 years ago.  Before surgery and right in the middle of dating Tracey.  And Tracey was insanley jealous of Travis, Travis had a horrible little boyfriend that reminded me of an insect one needs to swat and kill, and wasn't very enjoyeable for anyone involved.

Well he is coming to visit us on Thursday! 

I am excited to see him.  I wonder if it will be weird for him to see that I am not 327 pounds.  The above picture was his last visit.  He has never known me smaller than 209.  209 is what I had dieted down to in 2001 for a trip we took...and I was conviced he would love me smaller.


We are SO stupid sometimes.

Anywhoozle, he is staying at our house.  I am a little I am whenever I feel like I have to balance people's feelings.  Like, I want to make sure he is being nice and that Heather is comfortable, and he is comfortable, and blah blah blah. 

We are going to the Melting Pot Thursday night, having a boardgame/Wii dance party Friday night, Hot Yoga on Saturday, tubing either on Saturday or Sunday, brunch on Sunday, possibly the beach, and he leaves on Monday.  Wooo....jam packed.

Somewhere in all that fun, I have to try to avoid copious amounts of drinking, find time to workout, and keep my eye on the goal.  I am sad my camera is broken.

My birthday is coming up on September 8th.  I will be 27....again.  Nothing big planned.  I think I want to go to a nice dinner for my bday, just me and my lady.  I am thinking Hemmingways on the beach and then maybe some beach necking under the moonlight afterwards.  My parents are coming down that following weekend to dog/house sit for us because I have a conference that entire next week in Charlotte, NC.  Anyone close by?

Toodles for now!  Happy Monday


  1. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds. I'm sure you will be the hostess with the mostest and he will die when he sees how fine you are now!

  2. I agree with Tessie! I, too, have an ex like this (sadly, the exact same situation), and I predict it will be effortless this time. :)

  3. OMG, wait til he sees you!! He won't even recognize you!

  4. I hope all goes well! Maybe he has done some growing himself. :)

  5. That's what I think too, I bet he's grown up. A lot can happen in three years. Even tho you text, in person is going to be different.

    I think all will be fine!

  6. and this is why amy needs cameras following her around 24/7! :-)

  7. I would watch that Reality show for sure...

  8. I think he'll be shocked when he sees how hot you are now! Amazing how dumb those early relationships can be, eh? Sounds like a really busy weekend

  9. We have the same BIRTHDAY! September 8th, I will be 27 too!!! lol

  10. Eep! This will be an interesting visit. Good luck! Have fun!

  11. Amy! Congrats on the weight loss =) You look GREAT in that dress!! Good luck with your visitor. It can be difficult hanging out with someone you have a "past" with, even if you no longer have feelings for them. On a side note, I live in Charlotte =) it would be awesome to meet you in person if you have some spare time. You have been such an inspiration to me =)