Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How's that Scaling Back Going?

So if you recall, July was to be my scale free month.  And after a little text message from Lapband Gal this a.m, and a Facebook message from Zara last week, and another reminder and question from my Heather...

I weighed.

Last week.

I didn't make it a month.  I fell several days short.

Don't hate me.

But after I found out that my numerous aches and pains were going to prevent me from working out, I had to get an idea of where I stood.


I actually don't remember what the exact number was.  I think 175 something.  Which I believe is maybe 1 pound up from July 1st. 

So did I find it hard?  Not really.  I didn't miss it much.  I actually really enjoyed NOT knowing so when people asked me or when I wanted to beat myself up...I had no answer for them.  It was kinda freeing. 

It didnt help me eat better though.  I had hoped that I would be better behaved without the scale to tell me whether or not I was being too  naughty.  Eh...I still was pretty not good.  That's real fancy grammar.  Pretty not good.

Anywhoozle, the truth is this.  Just like Catherine posted a few days ago, working out has saved me.  It allows me to eat with a little less abandon.  It keeps me in check.  And it has helped my body tighten up more than some.  But I am talking weight training people.  And I could go off on a tangent...but alas, I will save that for another post.

So all in all, the no-scale experiment was really not that big of deal.  Didnt hurt.  Didn't help.  It was just different.

I am working on a choo choo train of deep thoughts related to goal setting and weight loss, but I need to find my happy place before putting fingers to keys...but stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. For me...still in the losing phase...the scale is muy importante. I got up to my highest by never looking on the scale and I admit that I'm scared if I ignore it, not only will I stop losing, but it'll start to climb. Heck..I've been a losing slump for 2 months and that's with seeing what the scale has to say!

  2. Congrats for scaling back as long as you DID! I think you did great! Very brave! Loved your tubing post too!!! We tube down in central Texas and it's a blasty blast!

  3. Will you come to my basement and be my personal trainer? I bought an elliptical this weekend. I feel like a hard core exerciser person now. All fancy n shizz.

  4. Wow! You are amazing... You hardly gained at all with no scale scowling at you each day. *M*

  5. I hear ya, girl...I only weigh myself once a week - I pick a day that works for me, and I consistently weigh at the same time on that day. When I worked in a WL clinic, I tried to get my clients to only weigh in at the clinic, and only once a week - it eliminates a lot of the crazy - but I know how ingrained the habit can be, and some peeps really can't go a day without weighing in...for me, I'm cray-cray enough about it, I just couldn't handle the ups and downs every day!! I like a good, solid number - be it up or down! Of course, down is better! But good for you for putting it aside for a while...and I also loved your tubing post...I wish we had that in Quebec!

  6. Nice job Amy. I find not weighing totally freeing, after having the scale dictate my (un)happiness for the past 30 years. Plus, when you are doing weight training, the scale does not really tell the whole story (as you know).

    BTW love your FB pics and posts!

  7. Interesting post. I'm only on day 3 of No Scale August (which I apparently stole from your July without realizing it!) so I'm still in the honeymoon period. This weekend will be the test on whether it helps me eat more better. :)

  8. I am having 4 weeks off from my scale too - the battery died - but that still counts too right? lol