Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Death of Regular Soda

Dear Pepsi and I miss thee.

So far so good ladies.  No regular soda.  I had half of a diet sprite yesterday.  About 3 in the afternoon, a very lovely headache settled in behind my eyeballs.  I have another one right now.  The only thing I can figure is MY BODY IS GOING THROUGH CAFFEINE WITHDRAWAL!  Could it be?  So soon?

I am going to have a coke zero sometime soon (yuck).  Just to see if the headache goes away.

I didn't snack on crap that is still going well.

For Breakfast:
Atkins Protein Bar
1% milk

Creamy black bean soup (yummo can search for it on my blog)

Cajun Chicken Pasta (this is a Pioneer Woman's recipe...if you havent looked at her blog shame on you)

However, since I was so hungry and it is so delicious AND bc I ate too much....I puked most of it up.  Man...there is nothing worse than PBing spicy food.  So after that, I licked some peanut butter off my finger and sipped some milk.

I need a nap.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Awesome. Regular soft drinks are the devil!

  2. Pioneer Woman's blog is awesome. I get stuck there for hours!

    And way to stick with the no regular soda!

  3. I must check out this Pioneer Woman!

  4. Is it possible that you got a headache from the fake soda? I have developed a sensitivity to Nutrisweet and get headaches when I have too much of it.

  5. You're doing great... Inspiring the rest of us as always!