Monday, August 15, 2011

Tell The Sweat Drips Down My....

Greetings from Planet Monday!

On Saturday, with my girlfriend in tow, and my new local bestie Maddi....we went to Hot Yoga. 

The setting:  A little free standing yoga studio.  These classes are taught by true "yoga-ites".  No gym barbies.  A little crunchy granola.  There were probably about 16 people there.  I was probably the biggest person in the room.  That's okay.  I can handle it.

It wasn't as hot as I would have liked.  I wanted a sauna.  I would say it was probably 88-90 degrees.  Not much different than the temperature outside at 9 am on a Saturday in Florida.  We began with chanting.  Well, we didnt chant.  We listened.  Then we started the yoga.  The last time I went to this yoga studio was after surgery, but still pretty plump.  Maybe around 280?  For whatever reason, it was not as physically challenging this time.  Some of the stretches were tough, but I wanted more balance poses. 

There was this one:

The headstand.

It was awesome and OH MY is all core and lower back.  I flung myself up and held it.  It was much harder than my normal know the kind they teach you when you are little and your hands and arms are out to the side like kickstands?  Well, in the yoga version, your hands are at the back of your head.

Now, Heather no likey balance.  And she was hemming and hawing and not trying it, so the Yoga girl came over and said "I'll spot you"....and she made Heather do it.  hahahahah....I was laughing inside.  Which caused me to fall over, forward.

Good times.

The sweating was pretty awesome.  I like it when my ankles sweat.

Funny thing about that handstand is there was woman right beside Heather who must have been in her 50's that was ROCKING that thing...this motivated Heather to practice when we got home. 

When you walk into our master bedroom, you can walk through and then enter our bathroom, which is galley style but has a water closet where the toilet is.  If you keep walking you get to our walk in closet.  Well I was in the closet changing and I heard Heather grunting.

I said "You better not be pooping Heather!  You better not be pooping with the bathroom door open".

More grunting.

I marched out and found her in the bedroom trying to do the handstand.

Thank goodness she was NOT pooping.

We both felt really relaxed after the hot yoga.  And what I really enjoy about yoga in general is that it is SO different than most other forms of exercising.  It's really more mental than physical.  You move at your own pace.  You breathe.  You relax.  It's such a good addition to what I am doing now.

Other than that, nothing too exciting happened.  Maddi slipped on her sweat and face planted her mat...that was funny.  Someone happens.


  1. Holy cow, Amy! I'm so impressed. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't even get into a headstand, much less hold it. WOW!!

    Okay, now I'm totally going to have to try when I get home tonight.

  2. Farting is the only reason i have not tried yoga. I JUST KNOW that I will be in in the middle of a Downward Facing Dog and totally let one rip that sound like I'm calling a duck. They need to seriously make suppositorites that hide the sound of a fart and make it sound like your cell phone ringing.

  3. @ Steph...I'm sure there is an app for that!

  4. LOL... A hidden fart app... I'd buy that!

  5. Have you seen the small little swatches you can put in your underwear to ward off the fart smell? Hysterical! I for one am not a big fan of yoga. It's just not very comfortable for me. Glad you like it!

  6. I've been to Vinyasa many times and have wanted to try hot yoga. I'm so nervous to, though. I will be the one who can't do any of the complicated moves. Were there a lot of beginners in your class? Do you think that the not-so-skilled can still get something out of the Bikram classes?