Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Women And Weight

We had a new girl start in the office yesterday...and by the end of the day...I knew she was on a diet.  I knew because she mentioned trying to stick to a certain routine for her lunches.

And it got me thinking...

How crazy is it that I don't know one woman at peace with food.  I don't know one woman who eats for the joy of it.  Or at least eats for the joy of it and then doesn't question it or feel guilty if too much joy was had.  I don't know of one woman who doesn't doesn't have to think about, mull over, anguish about...food.

You remember in Eat Pray Love when Julie Roberts went to (um...Rome I think?).  And how she decided to just eat.  Not to become unhealthy, but she wanted to give up all the worry and just enjoy. 

Do you know of such people?  And they can't be bullshiters.  Like those people who pretend they never think about it. 

What about you guys from other countries or those of you well traveled? 

It's daunting isn't it?  Maybe it should feel comforting...all of us being in the same boat. 



  1. I have a friend who works out a lot, so she eats whatever she wants. Two things though, she naturally likes good for you things...for a long time I thought it was BS, but I really think she prefers things will very simple flavor. Second, if for some reason, she isn't working out as much, she starts caring.

    But then again, many of the guys watch what they eat as well. Which seems odd for a Real Estate Development company, but there you go.

  2. The people who work out all the time shouldn't count. They OBVIOUSLY wouldn't work out all the time except to be able to eat what they want so it still counts, right? I don't know ANYONE who doesn't obsess to some degree.

  3. My best friend who passed away 12 years ago was that person. She ate whenever and whatever she wanted, but she ate until she was satisfied only. She would just walk away from a half eaten creme brulee' or save it for later. She would just stop, something I could never do! I was mesmerized by her relationship with food. However she did have a very unhealthy relationship with most men in her life, so I think everyone has something, some of us...have lot's of somethings!

  4. Wow. That is a great question, Amy. I always assumed that there 'were' women out there who had this ability b/c its something I strive for -- so it must exist, right?-- but I'm racking my brain and cannot come up with ONE PERSON in my life who I think REALLY does this. The closest may be my grandmother. She was one who never cooked or ate low fat/low carb/ dieted, etc. but also never overate so I think her relationship with food was probably much better than women now. Who knows though?

  5. I have one!!! My co-worker/good friend has always been naturally thin and she eats just about whatever she wants with no thought to it. If she feels like "whatever" she gets it, eats until she is full and that's that. She doesn't diet, worry about portions, or feel guilty about anything she eats and the little heffer is actually THIN! She sickens me! lol

  6. My sister eats whatever and whenever she wants and remains a thin size 5. Sucks donkey balls.

  7. It's funny, even the naturally thin women I know, who have a great metabolism and can eat whatever they want... Think they're fat and watch what they eat... And they get unnaturally thin and boney... and struggle to gain weight. Weird? I can't imagine what any of that can be like... until recently since alot of the time I feel like I am still as fat as I ever was... and then there's these moments of zen where I see myself in the mirror and I like what I see... I don't love it but it is progress that I notice my progress and the rewards of my hard work.

  8. I know one, but that's it. Only one in a sea of women I know. She has genetics on her side, and eats what she wants without overeating. She doesn't seem to "care" about food though-- as long as she has some trail mix and an Amy's organic frozen meal for lunch, she's good to go. Food, for her, seems to be an incidental part of life.

    I wish, that's all I have to say. Even when I'm not eating much of it, I sure do think about what's on tap for my next small meal.

  9. I only know 2. My friends Yoti and Twana. Neither work out they just live. Yoti is a healthy size 16 maybe 18. She lives her life. She is active, but she is not a workout nut.

    Twana is always on the go with her job and her kids. She loves to eat. She loves trying new places and new dishes.

  10. I don't know any! Even my friends who seem to be "naturally slim" have to work at it. They just seem to make it look easier than I do.

  11. Check out a book called Thin is the New Happy by Valerie Frankel. It details one woman's journey through understanding why she has to constantly diet, her poor relationship with food and her constant self-criticism. I'd send you my copy but it's still making the rounds through the people at my support group. Ha.

  12. i use to be one of "those people"... in my twenties...hehe... ate what ever i wanted, never gained an oz. But then came the age, My saying... the older i got the fatter i got, the fatter i got the Whiter i got...

    Noticing one thing in every ones post on a friend that does not watch what she eats.. you all said... but she doesn't over eat... that is the key.. not over eating. I would say we "overweight" girls, all over eat/ate.

    I thank God every day for my Band (Lolita)she is my best-est friend.