Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eaten By The Podcast Monster

So yesterday, instead of listening to music while working, I listen to my other girlfriend Jillian Michaels podcasts.  I love Jillian of course and think dirty thoughts highly of her.  I realize that she, like most fitness professionals, has her own opinions and "facts".  But I do enjoy hearing her point of view and advice on certain topics.  So when I went to circuit last night I was all pumped up on Jillian Juice and must have said "Jillian told me today..." at least 23 times.

No joke.

So in my own words, these are some of the things I took away from my podcastathon.

1.  Again she talked about vanity pounds.  She said if you have 5-15 pounds to lose, those are probably vanity pounds.  Your body is healthy, but you want to change it a little more.

2.  You cannot spot train to lose in just one area.  Heather says this all the time as well.  When you lose weight, the way you work out and/or what you do or do not eat will not take away fat "just from your ____ ".  You will lose from all over, or wherever your body wants you too.  Often people will ask Heather what they can do for their abs.  And she tells them "diet".  Meaning, a lot of us who work out regularly have good abs and a solid core but we have fat covering them.  Bastard fat.

3.  If you want to ad bulk (she said she was talking to men for the most part bc women rarely want to add I was listening) then you need to find out what you 1-rep max is.  So if I want to add bulk to my chest, I find what I can press ONCE...the heaviest I can go...and then figure what 85% of that is.  Then, I press that weight 3-5 times, for at least 3 sets.  Interesting.  So yesterday, just for fun, I pressed 50 lb dumbells to see if I could.  I could.  But it was hard.

4.  I have to go back to drinking organic milk.  After I watched Food Inc. (if you should), I was doing good buying organic.  But then I kinda strayed away.  Well, Jillian says that a normal cow produces 14 gallons of milk, and a cow that is hopped up on steroids and antibiotics (which we drink), produces 100.  That ain't natural.  Back to organic I go.

5.  She talked about letting your body rest and recover.  I know I don't do this like I should.  I take the weekends off, but I should have a day in between.  OR, work upper one day...and lower the next...and so on.  Which I am trying to do better at.  But without proper rest, your body can't rebuild.

6.  Injury is no excuse for not exercising.  If you have a bad shoulder, work your lower body.  If you have a bad knee, work your upper body.

7.  um...I think that's all I can remember. 

8.  OH, she told me that the HOUR after a workout is the "golden hour" for eating.  I had said 30 minutes in my breakfast post yesterday.


  1. All great points. I'm now going to go buy 8 gallons of organic milk at the store. I knew that reg. milk had crap in it, but I guess I never new how much. yuckers.

    I agree....Jillian is hottastic. And I love her long time.

  2. The "golden hour" is the time when your body is going to burn most of the calories you eat from the residual burn from the exercise, right?

  3. I just discovered that Jillian HAS podcasts thanks to you mentioning it in an earlier post. Thanks Amy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to podcasts. Anyway, have only heard a couple of them so far. One was about therapy and I felt Jillian was right on the money with that. It was also a funny episode because she was trying to rein in her habit of reiterating her point a hundred times in one sentence.
    Thanks again for mentioning her podcasts. Let me know what others you like.

  4. I didn't know Jillian had podcasts. I will have to look into this -- thanks for mentioning!