Monday, June 20, 2011

Took A Little Off The Bottom

Thursday I wore a "new" outfit to work.  I vacillated on it before I left the house...I was having a crisis with both my outfit and my hair.  The outfit consisted of black slacks, a white tanktop, and a black vest.  It was a lot of black and white...and even with accessories...I wasn't feeling it. 

So when I got to work, Heather said "what's going on with this kinda look like cocktail waitress". 

Strike one in the "Amy is already sensitive ball game".

THEN, a few minutes later she asked me when I was going to get my haircut?  (I have been putting it off and it WAS in bad shape and overdue).  But she told me it looked damaged.

Strike 2 & 3.

I burst into tears.

Damn it.  I must be hard to date sometimes....because all I heard was a looked like a waitress with damaged hair.

So, after some hugs and kisses from Heather...trying to pull me back from the edge... I managed to pull myself together long enough to get to the car.  I then drove home and changed. 

Anyways, Heather said she would fund a haircut and off I went!  I told Desty to cut off what she needed.  She told me that one of the worst things I can do to my hair is use a crappy flatiron (which is what I have).  I bought so yummy deep conditioner...and the new flatiron will be the next purchase.  She said it will probably take a couple more haircuts to get the yuck hair out.

I like it.  I like having it feel healthier.  I like it off my back.  I never can make it look as good as Desty...but I will keep trying.

Happy Monday!


  1. Cuuute.....frames your face the color also!!

  2. Like the new do...much healtheir looking and easier to maintain, i'm sure!

  3. Very Cute. What kind of flat iron does she reccomend?

  4. I love it! I need a new cut so badly!

  5. Love it! So cute! I need something too. Badly. Thick hair that gets way too bushy in the back. Waiting to do anything drastic until I know if I will experience any post-op hair loss (10 weeks out). Taking biotin and so far so good. Anyway, really cute cut! It frames your face really well. :-)


  6. DUDE. Get the In Styler. It has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Best straightener ever. EVER. No kidding. I love love love that thing!

    I haven't used my straightener even one time since I started using it in December. Apparently, it does curls too, but I'm too lazy to watch the video. :D

  7. It looks so good on you! I have a pink CHI and I LOVE it. Does the job in minutes. However, it is very hot and I could see that breaking the hair. I want to try the In Styler. After paying 140 for the CHI last year, I will have to wait for the 99.00 In Styler.

  8. I have a CHI and I LURVE it. I tried the cheapo flatiron also and it sucks. Can I recommend Bed Bath and Beyond as a source for getting a CHI--- They sell their baseline model of the CHI for around 99.00 and if you sign up for their email newsletter you can get a coupon for 20% off any one item. That knocks the $$ down quite a bit.

  9. Gorgeous new hair and I love the smile that goes with it!

  10. I know the feeling of your day that you were talking about-- glad you sorted it out with some self pampering. The haircut is very cute!

  11. Aww you couldn't be any cuter, Amy! xoxo

  12. Super, super cute! Glad I'm not the only one who gets overly emotional. I feel ya on that! Especially this week! Love it, by the way!