Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Putting On My Grumpy Pants

I am a MOOOOOD today folks.  Let us examine the why's shall we?

1.  The power went off last night, for what seemed like an eternity.  So at some point, although I cannot verify for sure, I believe it was approximately 400 degrees in our bedroom.

2.  After the power came back on, I was then in superclingygirlfriend mode and was trying to tell Heather, through a series of nonverbal movements, including but not limited to wallering, tossing, and turning...that I wanted her to spoon me.  WHY she could not sense this while she was asleep is beyond me, but eventually I just started pouting and scooted all the way to my side of the bed.  Unfortunetly, she didnt see this either through her closed eyelids.  Then I turned to glare at her and she was so precious looking...which made me pout all over again.

3.  I am having a shoe crisis...coupled with a pants crisis.  Sometimes I get bored and want to wear something I don't wear very often.  Today that is a pair of Express slacks in a camel color.  WELL, camel and khaki can highlight my ass and rear thigh cellulite, so I have to wear the power panties to smooth that all out.  And they suck.  So, strike one in the closet this morning.  I love sweating as a I get dressed.  THEN, I went to put on my new black heels but they were too high for these pants so I couldn't wear them, so I am wearing a nude colored heel that doesnt match my camel colored slacks and that bothers me! 

4.  I got to work and my backup battery pack for the computer was beeping.  After calling the help desk, I realized the entire breaker for the office was tripped which means the mini-fridge in the office, which contained a new gallon of milk I had purchased yesterday, had been off all night.  WHICH MEANT I was going to have to go and get milk in shoes that don't match my pants.

5.  I am dieting.  And that makes me grumpy in and of itself.

6.  My body hurts all the time.  I have muscle soreness from lifting, which I can deal with but just one day I would like not to be sore.  But then I have joint soreness which sucks even more because it makes me feel old.  I have started doing some plyometrics during circuit (jump training/using your own body weight) and all that jumping is bad for my knees and legs.  Huh...go figure.

So there you have it.  The list for the grumps.

Go in peace.


  1. Well, it's hump day. That's gotta be something to smile about. Unless you're a 'glass half empty' kinda person, which then hump day would make you even more grumpy.

    Umm, I don't think i'm helping at all.

    Here: Give the first guy you see today a titty-twister...that'd be hilarious.

  2. Have you tried Glutamine for the soreness? It really helps when you're lifting weights and working out your muscles a lot. I have it in a powdered form and I've always just drank it with juice/water or added it to my protein shakes post-workout. It really really helps if it's working out causing your soreness!

  3. I'm grumpy on a daily basis so I think you are ahead of the game! :)

  4. Sorry your having a bad day! Hope it gets better, just wanted to drop by and say hi, I am a new follower.

  5. Grumpy Hump Day, huh? Well, we certainly all have them. Just try to get through the day and know that tomorrow will be better

  6. I think I've been clinically grumpy for about a week now. I blame this stupid itchy thing I've got going on. I am successfully making my hubby miserable!!!