Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh...So You Think Peer Pressure Is Gonna Work?

Well you are right.  So I was hemming and hawing on my decision to go scale-less for the month of July...fitting and appropriate yes...as it is the month of of Independence here in the great states of the United.

Anways, essentially I was talking myself out of it but because so many of you were like:

"OOOH, Amy if any can do it.  You can"


"If you do I will do it"


"Amy, you are a beautiful moon goddess...go for it". (I made that one up)

I will do it.  I think the only way to bring peace into my mind during this non-number focused month ahead is to really commit to being the best bandster I can be.  Working out is a given, but the food is not.  So I will have to choose a healthier diet with more consistency.

A couple of scary pause points if you will. 

#1.  We are going to my parents boat for the Fourth.  I had planned on drinking and participating in nonsense all weekend, but we have to limit my drinking now.  EMPTY calories.  That's okay.  I run am actually more fun to others when I am sober, as Drunk Amy is sometimes moody and needs even more attention than normal...if you can imagine.

#2.  I have to see Dr. Friedman next week for a scheduled visit.  Which technically means there will be a scale involved, but it's not my scale...so it doesnt count.  I don't know whose bright idea it was to schedule a damn appointment right after a holiday.  I was probably in some sort of love haze after seeing Dr. Friedman so I can imagine I just replied "Sure...schedule me anytime...sure..."

#3. My weight is at an all time high (since reaching goal).  It is 175.4.  ShhhNIKES!  I don't know how or why...but mama no likey.

What is funny though is there is a noticeable difference (to me and Heather anyways) in my body.  I was looking at a picture of me when I met goal in my bikini, and one taken recently.  I am the same weight, but you can see a slight difference.  More tone, less skin.  I will see if I can take a picture tonight and do a side-by-side.  People keep saying "you keep getting skinnier"...and I tell them..."actually I haven't lost anymore in about 6 months...its just shifting!  I hope that is true.

It's Tuesday people!  Let's do this!


  1. I wish I could give up my scale for a month, but I know about a week in I'd say... well, even if I DO gain... I have three more weeks to get it off. You're a brave woman!

  2. You can do it! I'm with you in spirit (if not actually DOING it with you...)

  3. XOXO, Thinking of you, My Amy Sunshine! *M*

  4. Amy you are my hero. But honestly this momma is already having a hard time keeping to the 1 x a week rule and if I go any less I think my brain will fizzle out and explode. xoxo

  5. This is my first comment on anyone's blog. Crazy. You popped my comment cherry Amy, haha! I have read your whole blog from beginning to now and all I can say is... amazing!!! When I grow up I wanna be just like Amy. :) Talk about having a hard time with scales, I haven't had any since I started this journey in March besides my doc's and it's killing me. But that all ends tomorrow thank god. I'm getting my very own new scale. Yay!

  6. I admire your ability to go without your scale. Since I can't, I will live this month vicariously through you.
    Oh, btw Amy, I actually FINISHED my post from the other day. The one you were nice enough to comment on, regarding your nails. I hope to have some pretty fingers one of these days too! Just one little way to give ourselves some TLC.

  7. Question:

    In the month of not weighing, are you allowed to take your measurements?

    Actually, have you been tracking your measurements at any regular intervals? That would be some interesting info.

  8. Zara-I forgot to take my initial measurements but I have them after that. I hate looking at them bc I never see much of a change. Maybe I need to look again. Good idea.

    And yes, those are allowed in the month of July.

  9. I went on a scale break at the same time I went on a blog break. Which is like 6 weeks now. I did peek once maybe a week or two ago - I was exactly the same. I love being free of the scale!!!!!!

    I think measurements are good but they don't always tell the story either - unless you measure every last piece of your body. How your clothes fit is the best indicator IMHO.