Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Support Group: Starring ME

Tonight I am presenting at our hospital's support group.  Officially, the title is: Making the Band Work For You.  Unofficially the title is:  The Girl, The Myth, The Legend.

Possibly a smidge too much?

Of course I am nervous.  First, support group usually consists of roughly 40-50 people, with roughly 98% of those being Gastric Bypass.  So...I want to make sure my presentation is general enough that everyone can take away a little something.  Afterall, we all struggle with many of the same issues.

Second, and this is super important, people have to laugh.  I edu-tain.  A little education with a healthy dose of entertainment.  But I also must practice lady like behavior...which is HARD.  For example, I probably shouldn't say "make exercise your bitch"....although I do love that.

Third, I want to inspire.  But I would like to do so without coming off a) arrogant b) pompous c) epicly stupid.

And then there is the real issue.

WHAT TO WEAR?  My outfit must meet all of the following qualifications:

1.  Hot without appearing desperate
2.  Cute and sassy without appearing tacky
3.  Slimming
4.  Must show muscles

I think I have a cute little black jersey dress that will do...I just worry it will be too much.  I am too much sometimes without a too much dress.

So let me ask you guys.  The smartest people I know.  If you were going to a support group and there was a presenter about the band who was 2.5 years out, what would you like to know?  Is there something you would want to ask but not have the nerve? 


  1. I think I would just want the most honest perspective on how you got where you are. It wasn't all the band...I'd say it wasn't even 75% the band. You work out like a fiend and I think that should be noted. BUT, but but I would also like to know that you've had your weak moments and have fallen off the wagon into a giant pool of sunkist but still came out of it and have been successful. That's just me though...


  2. I would want to know why how soon did you see a significant weight lose. I would also want to know what do you think you did that made you so successful. I mean were you a perfect eater or did you exercise like a crazy woman. I would want to know what I had to do to get it done and keep it done.

  3. First of all, a little black dress sounds great. Also, high heels. Not super high but a little high. Women will look at your feet and go, OH, I remember when I could wear high heels... I want to do that again. Plus, it will make your calves look good. As for what I would have wanted to know, I agree with Dawyna and MandaPanda. The balance of eating correctly and exercise is huge. But one other thing- talk about what you eat and what you can actually swallow. I eat out with friends all the time and thought OH CRAP, how am I going to do the things I like with the band. Now I know I can eat almost anything as long as I am careful. But in the beginning, it is really scary to think if just being to eat little, bird-like bits of food throughout the day.

  4. You're going to be awesome! And you are going to be inspiring - b/c you just can't help it! LOL. I'd want to know if you ever 'cheated' and what the consequences were. B/c we're all going to cheat and do the wrong things, but what made you get back on the wagon? What inspired you? I'd want to know really specifically what you ate/calories and how much you work out - very specifically. I think we want to know what the right formula is and what to do when you want to give up - and how to get re-inspired when we do give up. Hope that helps!

  5. I think it's important to highlight how you live life with your band and not live life for your band. Does that make sense? I think when you are first out of surgery you think about the band all the time and how you life is going to change but I think it's important that as you go along in this journey you live your life with the band and not for it.

    I feel like I'm not making sense. LOL

  6. I would just want to see your pretty face...but you want questions? OK then. People are always wanting to know what I eat...so maybe you could talk about example foods that you like/eat. or maybe a reminder about how it's a mental journey with the band. I do know that you'll be funny and entertaining like always. HUGS!

  7. I like your pencil skirt outfit, but you can't go wrong without an LBD!

    As far as topics you might hit, how about:
    - How you motivated to work out and exercises you really like that they might try;
    - Your biggest NSVs (especially unexpected ones);
    - how losing weight opened you up to a new relationship and let you change other things in your life; and
    - What maintaining is like.

  8. Er, WITH an LBD. (Don't go nekkid.) :)

  9. Ok, I'm going to throw it out there and hope no one gets offended or scared but I would ask (based on lots of info that has recently come out and a lot of banded bloggers I follow):

    Do you believe that you'll be able to keep your band forever?

    And -- if not, do you think you would have to get another type of WLS?

  10. I agree with the ladies up there! I would especially want to know the specifics of your diet and exercise to a T. The formula is definitely a good word to describe what we are looking for. Basically if you do x + y for z amount of time= weight loss

    What's sad is that even knowing that formula now I still can't seem to apply it to my own life. Maybe some day....

    Good luck! I know you'll rock cuz...well...you just do! haha

  11. i can guarantee that all of my questions would be about skin. what does your skin look like 2.5 years after banding? does it ever, um, get in the way of certain activities? i can't imagine mine ever being the same again. we had someone who has 4 years out speak at my last support group, and i was dying to ask her, but was embarrassed to bring it up in front of all the elderly people in my meeting.

  12. Ummmm, I was distracted by the fact that buttcrack hair is listed as a popular search on your blog... Popular? Really? I can imagine like one person being like... I wonder alot about her buttcrack hair but several people had to search for it to be popular... I'd be lying if I told you I'm thinking about searching for your buttcrack hair right now... Wait, What was the question you asked?

    I think everything important has been covered but I think I'd want to know if it changes people's perception of you... Having WLS, and/or losing the weight after years of being Obese. I think the biggest shock I have had... Had to have been... Jealousy, and people treating me different. And I am not even a skinny mini like you yet.
    You'll do great... That much I know. Also, How is your buttcrack hair effected by WLS?

  13. I would want someone to tell me to connect with online support too- if I hadn't stumbled upon your blog and Catherine's blog- there is a good possibility I would have never become a BOOB! I know say it ain't so! so maybe just reminding people about how important it is to have a strong support network.

  14. I wonder how positive they (the people hosting the meetings) want you to be. I might just be a negative Nancy but I kinda like it when success stories touch on some of the negative aspects post-surgery success. (Think: loose skin, emotional woes, romantic changes.) Nothing horrible, just honesty.

    I feel as if I take a part of Amy with me to every group I attend. I've been reading your blog since I was one day post-op and while I've gotten a lot out of listening to different people speak, it's the honest Amy that shows up here that I carry along in my back pocket. Because yeah, you're hella positive and I love that. But you manage to be a sweet thang without sugar coating.

    Basically? Just be you. 'K?

  15. Although you are a great inspiration to us all, I would want to know what brought you to WLS, what was it like when you were sitting in their place contemplating WLS. I would stress that WLS is not a "sure thing" that you have to work on it every day, every hour, every minute. Watching what you eat, going to the gym, being mindful of your partner and his/her feelings.

    He told me that i changed after surgery. I think that for years he was the "good-looking-one" in the pair, and now he has to compete with me for attention. Especially now that i have lost almost 75lbs... people are always coming up to me and saying how great i look and he is being over shadowed... Although last night he said...(while i was trying on swim suits) WOW your ass is really getting small...

  16. I'd have wanted to know if you had any regrets.
    I'd have wanted to hear the HARDEST things to deal with after WLS-- and I'd want to hear how you would still go through with it anyway... I think that would have reassured me.
    I love the idea of edu-taining. Enjoy.

  17. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat at Amy's presentation and as you all already know, she was totally ANAZING!

  18. I am so sorry I missed your presentation. I know you were fantastic. I was out of town and just heard you were there. Oh well, some day we will meet.