Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A WLS article that didn't make me mad

This is an interesting article:  Obesity Surgery Yields Clues To Weight Loss Mystery

A couple of thoughts...

1.  It mentions that one third of us with WLS will regain all of our weight within 7-10 years.  I vow right now that will not be me.

2.  It says that those of us with WLS :  "They're losing more weight than they ever had before and not only are not hungry, they have to force themselves to eat."

Lord I wish!

3.  Turns out that the brain have to do more with hunger than they previously thought.  Um...hullloooo!

4.  I thought it was interesting the different way a gastric bypass patients body handles the hormone ghrelin vs those of us with the band.


  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. It's weird because I have a Lap Band, but when they mentioned doing the same thing with drugs I turned my nose up at it. I'm not sure why I'm okay having a foreign object in my body, but I just don't want to take pills. Weird.

  2. My favorite part of the article was the ad I saw at the very end. A GIANT juicy mouth-watering bacon cheeseburger!!! I'm grateful that I chose to be banded (and here's where I don't think the pill would work as well) because I know there is now way in H-E-L-L I could ever eat that yummy burger!!! So, I'll keep my band!!!! =)

  3. the article was very interesting and you are right one of only a few that didn't make me mad after reading it :) which is even doubly interesting because Fox news usually makes me mad too :) haha..

    I found it very interesting that the two different surgeries have different effects on the hormone. I agree that is it probably totally a complicated soup of hormones. Just look at what our periods do to the band.

    I do forget to eat sometimes now though..so I am not sure what that means ??? did mine get changes or is it it some other hormone?

    Thanks for the good article link!!


  4. From what I've been told by my doctor, the band does not have any effect on Ghrelin. I cannot speak about the GB but Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy actually removes the portion of the stomach where Ghrelin is produced. I can honestly say that in the five days since I've had the surgery, I have not been hungry one time! My stomach will make gurgling sounds if I've gone too long without eating but its not the usual "I;m hungry" sound. I actually have to remember to eat! So far, so good!

  5. When are they going to come out with the miracle cure for head hunger? I am ready. I want a tiny little drink or pill that I can take that will permanently keep me satisfied to the point that I literally only eat when I am actually hungry and stop when I am no longer hungry. Also it must have the power to completely rid me of an appetite so that when I do eat food it is only the most healthy because well that's what I need! :) Yes!

  6. Great article. I have always felt like my years of extreme dieting and deprivation brought me to the point that I could no longer do this on my own. I could only be hungry for so long and then my body won. I'm so glad that something has been able to make it better for me!

  7. I read this on your FB, thanks for posting. I have always maintained the best thing about the band is the No Hunger effect - when it is tightened properly. I could care less how much I can or can't eat - its how much do I want to eat or feel like I have to eat. Being free of the hunger is like being free of an addiction, for me. Miracle.

  8. Thanks for this link (I read it on FB today too). I wish we could fast forward surgical advances a few years (while all still remaining young and gorgeous) and get that miracle head-hunger concoction...and the sweet-craving one too...and the one that ensures we remain comfortably at goal! :) That's not asking too much, right?

  9. You've been spending too much time in the Panhandle, because what the hell are you doing reading Fox News?