Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Eat For Breakfast

Most days at work this is what I eat for breakfast.  It is the Atkins Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar and some 2% milk.

The bar has 19 grams of protein, 2 net carbs, and 240 calories.  I found this little guy when I was doing Atkins, and like it for several reasons.  Although it is not something you will probably ever crave for its superb tastiness, it is not bad.  It is also very solid and takes me about 10 minutes to eat.  I take a bite, put it down, have some milk...rinse and repeat.  And while it has the same amount of calories as a Snickers (trust me, this is how I have justified eating a Snickers for breakfast recently), it is a good way for me to NOT to start my day off with tons of sugar.

Now, I like my 2% milk.  I could drink 1%, but for a few extra calories, I prefer the 2.  Depending on whether I drink 1 or 2 cups, that is anywhere between 8-16 grams of protein.

This is also a great breakfast for me on mornings I work out. 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes before or after working out is a good rule of thumb.  Your muscles are very hungry and use the goodies in protein optimally at that point.

ALSO, this will hold me for a few hours before I am physically hungry again.

Happy Wednesday.  I am extremely grumpy today and probably should be quarantined until further notice.


  1. I love me some Atkins bars, this is basically what I eat every morning, too. Have you tried the Chocolate Chip Granola bar? They're pretty awesome... if you like granola and chocolate.

  2. This seems like a quick way to get in 19 g's of protein. I live in VA, where can I pick them up?

  3. My wife loves those and the special k bars. I find them a bit expensive but she loves them so we get them. Its hard for people to get the amount of calories they contain.

  4. Ronnie-I have tried the CCGB. I like them, but I like how solid the peanut butter ones are...makes me feel like I am getting more.

    KMR-you can get them about anywhere. Walmart is the cheapest (aroudn $6.97 down here). But grocery stores, vitamin shops, etc. sell them as well.

    Thomas-I buy the box of 5, which is about $7. That's not too bad for a meal really. But they can be more pricey if you buy them single.

  5. I love me some Atkin's bars. I found a chocolate rocky road one in my cupboard last weekend and did a little happy dance in the middle of my kitchen. It was like Christmas morning! And birthday presents all in one!! The husband thought i'd lost my marbles.

  6. I really like almost all of the Atkins bars. I am not one for super sweet stuff and I like how these bars have a touch of sweetness and are a little bland. ME LIKEY!

  7. The Atkin's bars are really good! I have a stash of Aktin's bars and protein bars in my cupboards at all times, if I am craving a candy bar I go to those.

  8. Ames- are you actually able to eat bites of this and drink milk in between in the morning???? Wow- I could never get that down with milk. I will say I like these bars and have been thinking of going back to a more structured breakfast. When I was really losing I had a Zone bar every morning. Between this and the no scale month you ate making me think this week.....

  9. I have recently found the Kirkland Protein Shakes at Costco. They have 30 grams of protein and 160 calories. They also only have 1 gram of sugar and 3 grams of fiber. They come in vanilla and chocolate. I can't eat much in the mornings and one of these on my way to the gym gives me the energy to do my workout without feeling starved.