Monday, December 28, 2009

Greetings Earthlings

I am back from Planet Overdose! Pleased to meet you!

I am detoxing from Sunkist and sweets. Although, I can't go cold turkey bc you would find me rocking in a corner, cold sweats, hallucinations, phantom one must wean themselves off of such naughty treats with caution. BUT, since I am back at work I am doing better. Drinking water and eating on more of a schedule.

Tina the band did a fantastic job of helping me over the holidays. I did gain about 2 pounds. And that's okay. I didn't obsess about food or calorie count. My meals were not bad but the snacking is where I lost it. I am up 4 pounds from 215 several weeks ago. So...must focus. Next goal is to be 206 by January 27th. That would be 120 pounds in one year. This it totally do-able as long as I keep myself moving forward!

Christmas was awesome.

That's me with my dad and my brother Christmas morning. There were so many presents, and wrapping paper...ah...good times.

Tracey got Rockband 2 from Santa Sugarbear (me) and we have had so much fun with it. He thinks he is a guitar god, and I let him think's good for his ego. I have come to the conclusion that I have no have sense of rythm with the guitar OR the drums, and can only find the beat through interpretive dance and song. I got Wii fit, and tonight when I get home I will take a picture of my chubby little Mii. I am not sure how could of a cardio workout Wii Fit will be, but I am sore from hula hooping!
This is my niece Kaity! Just chillin at the condo. You can see Rockband happening behind us. I love my family and we really had a good time. I wish that we lived closer together, but when things settle here with Corey, we will start talking more seriously about moving a little more north.

So there you have it!

The holidays are pretty much behind us so no more excuses. Although technically New Years Eve is all about gluttony. And then there in Martin Luther King Jr. day here in the States...and I think candy and civil rights go hand in hand...and then there is Valentines day which is ALL about sweet things....AND then St. Patricks Day and before you know's Christmas time again.

Man...prognosis is not good.

Just kiddin!


  1. I was checking out your pics on Facebook last night too! It looks like you guys had so much fun over the last week! It's so great your get to spend it with all of your family.

    You are looking AMAZING! I love that tan chair you are sitting in the first picture :)

  2. Girl you can definetly (sp?) reach your New Years goal!

  3. Amy
    Great pics - as always with you. Sounds like you had a fantastic Xmas and I am spastic on the drums and guitar too - old dog new tricks and all that for me - thought they do tell me I can carry a caterwaul on the mic... is that bad? lol

  4. Your pics are amazing! you look Awesome !
    k x

  5. ok...i'll say it... tracey is hot. (i may be gay -- but i am not blind!).

    glad to hear that your band helped you out. i am sure those 2 pounds will be gone soon.

    also, you should consider converting to judaism... then you will have to eat through passover, rosh hashanah, break the fast at yom kippur and don't forget the little known, but another excuse to eat, tisha b' av smack dab in the middle of the summer!

  6. Amy, love your pictures!! Looks like you guys always has a great time!!

    Don't worry about the pounds! You will get them off in no time! If only I could get mine off that fast!! LOL

    Have a fantastic New Years!

  7. i have both rockband 2 AND wii fit and love them both! try the cycling on wii fit. it's a workout! hula hooping is awesome, but hard when you unlock advanced. my sides are sore for days afterward.

    also, try singing on rockband! every band needs a lead singer and you would be a perfect one. :)

  8. Looks like you had a GREAT time and I love the picture of you in that round chair! You look like a little skinny minny!