Monday, December 7, 2009

A Look Back

So, after Angie was talking about going back from day one and rereading her blog, I thought I would give it a try. Turns out I only made it to about May before I got bored and had to stop. I mean JEESH...I can type a lot! haha, but as someone who is approaching 11 months post-op, I found several things interesting.

#1. As baby bandsters (I know some of you are there right now) we had no clue sometimes of what to expect! It was kinda cute to listen to all of my worries and fears. Fears like not being able to eat the foods I like again. About slipping my band. About loose skin. All of those so far (knock on wood) have been unfounded fears.

#2. It is also fun to look back to our preop diet days when we thought we would never make it. But we did! Here is one of my favorite posts from that time:

PreOp. January 23rd

Did you know that Whataburger came out with a Double Patty Melt. I don't even like Whataburger and when I see the would think that it was my favorite restaurant.

Have you seen the Red Lobster commercial? I hate seafood. But I might stick my tongue in the cup of butter they serve with lobster.

Tracey let me suck the salt off of his pretzel last night. A pretzel stick. I really wanted to accidentally bite down on it...just to be able to crunch on something.

I heard my stomach rumble last night. Didn't know what that was at first. I can't tell you last time I heard that noise! lol

My boyfriend, bless his heart...weighs about 153 pounds. He asked me if I wanted him to eat in the garage last night. I said no. He is supportive of my choice, excited for me to be healthier. He loves me as I am. He thinks I am sexy. I swear he does and I can't figure it out. But I'll take it!

I vividly remember sucking the salt off of that pretzels like it was the best thing on earth.

#3. What is really amazing is to see how happy I was when I hit smaller sizes. And by smaller sizes I mean a size 24. I was SO happy with finally getting into a 24. It makes me think I should try to be as happy now in 18's. I have come a long way.

#4. What I think you might find when you look back in your blog is that even though for us, it feels like this weight loss can be soooo slow at times, it really hasn't been that bad! There has been so much progress.

#5. When I started my blog in January there were so few lapband blogs out there. And so few followers. Some of my first posts had maybe one comment on them. I love all of you who read and comment. I even love all of you who read and DON'T comment. Thank you for your support. It is amazing the things some of you tell me. And I know at times I may appear full of myself, but every one of you comments about my weight loss, or writing, or attitude really means the world to me. You keep me going on days when I don't feel like going anywhere!



  1. I always always Love your posts they always help me when I am feeling in a rut. You are a Happy Beautiful Bubbly Girl and Im so glad that I found your blog you were the one who inspired me to start mine and Im grateful for yours because in the beginning yours is the one that kept me going! Thanks Amykins! You are amazing!

  2. Your blog is one of my favorites! I joined late so I basically did read your blog "cover to cover" and never got bored. Thanks again for sharing your experiences!

  3. Every now and then I'll go back and choose random posts... it is certainly interesting and eye opening to realize how successful we have become, isn't it?!?!? And you are by far, NOT BORING! I know I am always going to get honest, a great belly laugh and usually both!

  4. The one thing you don't come across as Amy is full of yourself - honest injun! You come across as someone who just says it as it is and when we write a blog - well, it's probably the one true thing in life that we can just blabbler on about and make it about US! Any other time we would would get told.. 'Oh, it HAS to be ALL about you....' but here, it's very cool to do just that.
    You make us laugh and we commiserate with you when things don't go well - but again, that's all part of it here.. we just want to tell it like it is for those who don't know - and that includes the ups and the downs.
    Luv ya xxxx

  5. I enjoyed this blog...I mean, I enjoy all of your blogs, but this one was neat. I am just starting out...I haven't even had the surgery yet (it is looking like Feb or March) and those are some of my same fears. You have a knack and a special way of makes everything seem so easy to relate too and is inspiring, serious, funny, and full of spunk at the same time!

    Keep writing and keep up the fun!

  6. Love you Ames.
    I remember reading that salt lick post. Amazing... It is nuts how little time has past that we've shed these crazy amounts of pounds. YES I JUST SAID THAT. I know I complain constantly that it's slow and taking forever... But a year ago I didn't even have a hope for the band, and here I am, 20lbs from goal... Crazy talk.
    Love you

  7. How funny, I started reading back on my blog this morning. (So much for laundry...) I find that I'm rather repetitive. Oops. Remind me to pretend to be more interesting!

  8. YOur blog made me start mine too! I used to live on 24/7 and I came across your posts. You said you had a blog and I checked it out. That cute star hat you're wearin' on there, haha!

    Anyway, I read your blog for a mth wishing I could comment but it woudln't let me so I set up my blog, commented on your posts, and then started my own blog journey! THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing me, or dragging me, to this world! haha! It has helped me a ton w/ a ton of questions, concerns, support, and celebrations!

  9. This is funny to read (partly because when I announced that I was ready to go to the bookstore like we'd planned, now I'm waiting for Mr. Man to put socks and shoes on) because I have done the rereading of your blog for you, so to speak. I started Tuesday and have worked my way almost all of the way through it, not skipping any posts, even though there are plenty that I didn't comment on.

    I'm like your little reminder that there are still "baby bansters" out there who are so grateful to have your beginning experiences as a guide. I wish I could share more of my own for others, but as I mentioned in another comment, I'm afraid of the surgical center or the radio station being upset about something I write, since I'm contractually obligated to be their representative for the surgery since I won it.

    But I am updating people on my Facebook. I just hope that they all don't get tired of me posting about it.

    And now I'm being told "Whenever YOU'RE ready!" LOL...

  10. I love you and I don't even know you :) I just stumbled upon your blog today... not sure if it was God or dumb luck but I <3 it. I am not a fellow bander, I am however a fellow fat girl who hopes to soon be skinny. For a girl who loves all things battered with a job that requires her to sit on her rump all day it's a struggle. But I'm doing it! I love what you said about having a blog holds you accountable to your fellow bloggers... so hold me accountable. follow me. I am shamelessly asking you to read my blog, on occasion, and leave a dirty, or witty, or senseless comment...on occasion. It sounds desperate. I know. Oh well ;) xox