Wednesday, December 23, 2009

V to the LOG


  1. Looking good as usual, loved your lil sing song.. Am gonna have to teach Ayisha that one.. So cute.
    Looks like someones gonna be spoilt this christmas, by the looks of whats under your tree..Wow!!. Also hope you have a fantastic christmas with your family and of course Tracey.
    I love your confidence when you vlog..I did a practice run, and it aint so good.. lol
    luv your stuff girl!!!

    ♥ Nene xx

  2. Amy, as always you are funny, sweet & honest. I always love to read your posts & watch your vlogs!

    Your cat is so cute! And mischievous as all cats are!!

    Have a super Merry Christmas!!!


  3. You are so cute, as usual! I wanna come have christmas at your house, look at all that loot!!!! :)
    I think the day before the night before christmas is the day before christmas eve. Wow that was a mouthful...lmao!
    Let me know if you still have problems with my blog. I'm going to do a vlog tonight :P

  4. hiya my ne facebook BFF lol I dont have a blog but I do Vlog once a week on youtube If ya wanna check it out I am Danyett on there too

  5. I seriously love you. I'm thinking you just need to come to NYC when Angie does in February and then you could meet a whole heck of a lot of us all at once!!! xoxo

  6. I am going to do a post about this soon!!! I am so excited I got to meet a legend today!!! I wish I wouldn't have rambled so much though (but in that way too, it was like meeting a celeb--b/c I totally couldn't handle myself).

    I'm not sure about the song, but I thought you performed it well. Had I known of your singing abilities, I'd have had you show off your skills for the restaurant patrons today. :)

    And as far as Amy being funny in person, YES, she is...whenever I would let her get a word in here and there. And she makes you feel so comfortable too. Oh, and she's beautiful and very thin herself...and still shrinking. I wish I could've taken her with me though b/c it would be so nice to have a constant Amy presence!!!

    THANK YOU FOR MEETING WITH ME!!! I can't wait to see you again and meet the other P'cola bandsters too.

  7. I think your song means the day before Christmas eve....and can I come to your place...look at all those gorgeous presents. Enjoy the Day look fabulous

  8. Ohhhh I'm so jealous!! You met Senorita Bandita? Senorita met you??? NO fair! BUT..... go you two.. two beautiful girls together!

    Love your little kitty - she's gorgeous. And look at all that loot - so pretty.

    As usual you are upbeat and looking gorgeous! You are going to have a great Xmas.
    From all the way here in Oz.. love you madly and have a beautiful Christmas Eve/Day/Night... whenever, wherever. xxxx Cara

  9. How awesome that you got to meet Seniorita Bandita and vice versa! I'm with Jen -- next stop NYC!! We want to meet you! :)

    xoxoxo & Merry Christmas to you and Tracy,


  10. Ok, so I mentioned it to Cathrine and now to you...someone (you) needs to organize a Bandster Blogger Convention. I am thinking this spring or summer. Someplace that is off season and inexpensive to fly to. Someplace near a beach with a fabulous hotel where we could enjoy a weekend togeter. Pool side, dinner and dancing, etc. Maybe we will only get 20 people. But it would be great to meet fellow bandsters. Think about it. I appoint you and Cathrine the ring leaders!!! If you think it is a good idea, lets throw it out there and see what kind of response we get. Merry Christmas Honey! Linda

  11. I am with Linda O. That sounds like so much fun. I love NYC too...

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  12. Merry Christmas, Amy! You are just a joy to watch and read. :) Have a great holiday week!

  13. Very cute vlog and I enjoyed the song! I've never heard it before...sounds like one I'd like. Christmas is over now but I hope it was really good for you!