Monday, December 7, 2009

Tina, Tina, Tina

Well, my band has been acting a little strange.

I got my last fill on October 28th. And boy do I still have restriction. Three weeks ago though I started eating naughty (as I shared with you). Not eating a lot of anything, but eating enough of the sliders...and I was drinking a lot of Sunkist. This past week has been excellent, and as is the Amy pattern, I lost everything I gained and then some...for a total of 7 pounds lost this week. But, my band seems to have gotten tighter!

At first I wondered if it had anything to do with my cold. But my cold is gone now and it's still SUPER tight. Thursday night I probably ate 1 oz of a hamburger patty and then proceeded to do the "over the sink tango" for a total of 5 times. Nothing much came up, but finally I thought I was in the clear. I took a shot of cold medicine followed with a swig of orange juice for the chaser (I hate cold medicine). And about 60 seconds later it came back up in a BAD way...through my nose and throat. Good news totally helped clear my sinuses. Bad news is ever since then it seems like I can eat very little.

I am not going to lie. I am a little worried about slipping my band. I thought I had gotten over that fear (remember when you are a baby bandster and so worried about that). But I just don't know why the sudden tightness.

Here are two great examples. Peanuts. My coworker and I munch on peanuts pretty often. Usually they go right down. The only way I can stop eating them is to hide the bottle. Today...not so much. Maybe 1/4 a cup and I felt that familiar dull uncomfortable feeling.

For lunch, I thought I would try Spaghetti O's. Pictured here for my non-USA friends. Again, I could eat maybe 1/4 a cup. I mean come on! They are practically a mushie food!

Yesterday we went to a local seafood place where Tracey got oysters and I ordered fried pickles. THEY ARE THE BEST FRIED PICKLES IN THE WORLD. So last weekend I could eat about a half a basket. This week, I ate maybe four slices. Little pickle slices. And then spent the rest of the time in the bathroom PBing out my nose.

Again, why the sudden change?

I should say that water goes down fine. I have no acid reflux. And peanut butter cups also seem to find their way to my stomach. So maybe this is just the level of my restriction? Kicking in 6 weeks later?

I am going to keep an eye on it. Right now I am scheduled for a fill on December 23rd. I am pretty sure I will not need it. But I am going to keep it just in case I need a slight unfill!

That's all folks! Happy Monday!


  1. That is where I wish I was. I have 4.5cc in my band and feel no different than before I had surgery. I hope to be at the point you are soon. Just make sure you eat all your protein. =)

  2. I wish I had some restriction. I haven't had my first fill yet & I could eat anything I wanted to. Unfortunately, I am not losing any weight at all!! I think it is more because I am not eating enough & my body is in starvation mode than from overeating. What do you think?

  3. Hope you feel better soon and can eat a little more than you have been.

    Fried Pickles! Yikkes!

  4. Yikes that sounds super tight. I do the sink tango now with many solid proteins, but mushy-ish stuff like chili is okay. The SpaghettiOs - maybe not good because it has pasta? I don't do well with pasta.

    Maybe try soups for a while? Hmmmm. Hope this gets better!

    The first two days after my fill last week I found myself eating "bad" foods (sliders) because that is all that would work! Tuna? no. Cookies? yes. And that is my biggest fear - actually gaining weight from being too tight.

    Shape up Tina!

  5. I've been told that many doctors think that mucous causes more restriction. If you still have sinus trouble left from your cold at all, that might explain why you're feeling so much tighter right now. Maybe try liquids for a day or two and see what happens. I also drink warm water before I try to eat on days when I'm feeling a little stuffy--it seems to help.

    Hang in there and try to make reasonable choices.

    Also, one of my more recent fills really kicked in about four weeks after I got it. Maybe the same type of thing happened with you? I've heard of people getting tighter 3-6 weeks after their fills for some mysterious reason.

  6. When I had a cold in November I got really super tight during and after. For about 5 days. I just ate soup. Maybe you and I get tight with colds?

    I'm no Dr. and I have no reason to think I have any expertise, but, if I were you, I'd do liquids for 2 days and then mushies. If you're just tight and sore and swollen from the cold the liquids/mushies will calm your tummy down and if it's something more serious you'll be able to go to your doc and tell him/her that you tried liquids and mushies and still can't eat.

    I hope things get back to normal soon and I don't think you have a slipped band. Two ladies in my support group did and you KNOW according to them. think they were both in an ER within 72 hours. So don't worry about that :-)

  7. Ugh! I just posted something today very similar to this! I'm so confused about what the heck is going on. Some days I'm fine and some I'm not!

    I agree with Brooke though about doing liquids for a couple days and then some mushies. You may have aggravated your "little" tummy :(

  8. Thanks alot for making me crave fried pickles, oh my goodness I love them!! I hope this tightness goes away soon, spaghetti O's should have slid right down...crazy band!

  9. After your pbing you might have needed to rest your band on just liquids???

    Easier said than done though :-)

  10. Do you have a cold, Amy? Maybe that is causing restriction - apparently mucus can be blamed for many things.. this is one.

    Maybe just go on liquids for 24 hours, see if this helps - all that PB'ing is hard on your tum (tell me about this! done a bit myself lately...) and see if it helps. Hope things resolve soon.

  11. Yikes, Amers! I have no experience with this lovely tightness issue yet but it sounds a bit much to me!! :(

  12. A cold can definitely make you tighter and then if you pb, you irritate the stomach and make it even tighter. Go to just liquids for a few days an d see if that helps.

    Also, do you still have your gall bladder? I was having issues like that when I got gall stones.

  13. Thank you guys for telling me that having a cold does seem to affect the band. That makes sense. I had a good day yesterday and was even able to a little porkchop for dinner. i am sticking to mushies during the day though and just going slow.

    I do still have my gall bladder Lacey...GREAT! Now I will hav to google all about that:)

    Seriously though, thanks a lot for the help ladies!

  14. Back in April i had a fill, i was at my 'sweet spot'. Suddnely, FOUR months later, i couldn't swallow protien drinks, had reflux...etc. Had 1 cc. taken out. didn't have nearly the restriction i had at my sweet spot, could eat just about anything but not WAY overdo it (except the junk of course!) then i had .5 cc put back. for a month i've been fine...yesterday, had to go have the .5 taken out again!! i had my coffee in the morning and 30 minutes later sitting in the Dr. office it was still hurting! coffee! he took the .5 cc out and walah...relief!
    my period is ending, and it seems to affect me big time. My dr. said when you are that close to the perfect spot, just the smallest amount will make you notice the fluctuation in hormones (IF they affect you that way....and mine does).
    I have also heard about the cold causing tightness too.
    I do know once you pb, you should go to liquids then mushies before going back to regular food because it swells things in there.
    i hope it resolves itself soon!
    I'm hoping i don't go crazy for Christmas with the amount of restriction i have right now!! YIKES!

  15. Im in the same exact situation as you. its that TOM and I cant eat ANYTHING. LOL I ate like 3 bites of food last night and I was done, my Brain wasnt so I tried to keep going. Not a good Idea. plus I havent been feeling well either maybe its this cold weather down here!!!I hope you figure it out, if mine doesnt get any better after Aunt Flo leaves then I might need a slight unfill...

  16. Has it been any cooler in Pensacola? Here in Jacksonville it's been cold the last week or so (yes, I realize "cold" in Florida is still warm to a lot of people!) and I've been much tighter than usual. In fact, food was stuck for the first time ever a few days ago. I read that the cold can make you tighter.

    Hope you're able to eat what you need to!