Monday, December 21, 2009

Pssst...Tell ME!

Do you know what I like about this picture? The fact that I can now comfortably wrap my arms around my knees without having to grasp my hands and hang on for dear life as they slip apart. I like this pose bc it is often found in movies, in the "reflection montage", when an actress is reflecting or mulling over some serious subject. Ah, yes.

Also, please note the illusion of a sideburn on my cheek. This is actually the wonderful regrowth of my head hair. It just looks like face hair! Close call.

So, lately on facebook, friends that I dont see in "real life" on a regular basis, have been sending me messages asking me what the secret to my weight loss is. This is really flattering of course. Everyone who has asked me is overweight themselves, and it always causes me to pause before answering them (picture Amy in a reflection montage).

Of course I tell them I have had Lapband. Often, I do it like this:

Thank you for the compliment! I had lapband surgery, performed by the WONDERFUL Dr. Friedman...on January 27th of this year!Last November my sister wanted me to go with her to one of the "meet the doc" seminars over at the towers. I hadnt ever really given much thought to weight loss surgery...and always thought it was "cheating" and/or taking the easy way out. But after the seminar, I figured why the hell not! Our insurance covers it and I was at my all time high 327lbs. Everything was starting to hurt and I was starting to really dislike what I saw in pictures. I knew I didnt want Gastric bypass bc I didnt want my insides rerouted, so I chose lapband. I can still eat, still absorb my nutrients etc. it is usually a slower weight loss than gastric, but that was okay with me. SO far i have lost 110 pounds. I still have my moments where I choose the wrong foods or drinks (hello Candy and Sunkist), but it really is an awesome tool.I have no idea what my goal weight is. I have never been under 209...probably not since I was 13 or something, so it is weird to think that is possible.Thanks for asking! You know me, I am an open book :)

So, that's it! I call it the Cliff Notes, or abridged version, of my story. That way, they know the truth, know that I too once thought it was "cheating", and know that they can ask me more if they want to.

And usually they do ask. One friend told me, basically "uh, that's good. But I will stick to the traditional way". One now follows my blog. The other two had more questions.

Just wanted to share this turn of events with everyone! Four more days until Christmas and I am getting super excited! It is so hard for me to keep secrets and I just love seeing people open presents!

Cyber kisses!


  1. What a great way to let people know about lap band. I am usually an open book but this time have only told my hubby and BFF. I love the photos of you on the beach and the one of Tracy in the Onion protection outfit is a hoot!!!!

  2. That was a great way of telling people. I love the way you just have a way of wording EVERYTHING! :)
    You look great! Condgrats.

  3. Yes, you are looking fabulous Amy!!

    Like you, I too am an open book, I have not even tried to hide the fact that I had the Lap Band Surgery. I couldn't even if I wanted too! My DH tells everyone he knows about it too! LOL

    Here's hoping you have a fantastic Christmas!!

  4. That is a great way to respond! I imagine I'll get some questions after people start to get my family xmas letter, so I might have to copy and change some of the details! LOL... seriously though - great response!

  5. love the reflective pose and there is A LOT of room between the knees and your clasped hands! You look terrific and we love your open bookedness! :)

  6. You look amazing in these pictures Amy! Isn't amazing to see how far you've come? I totally hear you on being able to do this pose. I think about that everytime I cross my legs and don't have to lock my foot under a chair to keep them's the little things. xoxo

  7. Isn't it so funny how you notice little things that are such big things. The other night I got out of the bathtub after a bubble bath and realized "wow that was so much easier that it used to be 30lbs ago!!!" I used to have to lever myself out and not I just hop the body changes!! Girl you are lookin good!

  8. Love this pose! Looks so natural on you - like it has always been this way.

  9. I am an open book as well, and when people ask I do tell. And you do have the best way of wording stuff :)

  10. That is a great short version, cliff notes, types of answer. I am pretty honest about it if it's an overweight person who asks me. If it's someone who is skinny I just say "watching what I eat, no diet". And I do feel odd about it but I hope as I lose more I'll feel more confident to share with them.