Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

So we have returned from the weekend of Gluttony. As mentioned in Thursday's post, I feared that my mothers yummy vittles would do me in scale wise. I didnt gain anything this week...so that's good. But that means 2 slow weeks of weight loss for me. I did pretty good at the boat with snacking...until Sunday. HAVE MERCY. We ate a big breakfast and I could actually eat a pancake. I ate it very slowly and almost finished the whole thing. So, we ate breakfast. I then snacked on Cheetos. Then we had chips and 7-layer bean dip, then we had lunch meat sandwiches for lunch (i just had a piece of meat and cheese) and then we ate taco stuff for dinner. Wow. But I have survived and I am back to my normal routine now.

So I was also filled last Monday (too much and they took some out in the office). I was a little worried that they took too much out and didnt have enough restriction but I can say after this weekend that I am at a pretty good restriction. I have to eat slow. I threw up twice at the boat...which was ooooodles of fun bc I wasnt going to throw up in the little boat bathroom, so I just threw up BESIDE the boat in the lake. Yesterday...seriously this is gross...the fish were eating it. It was like I was chumming for Jaws or something. Both times were on account of breakfast. Yesterday was weird bc I at breakfast and then went back about 30 minutes later for another bite of bubble bread. Then...about 30 minutes later I threw up! Out of nowhere really. I wasnt experiencing pain or that stuck feeling. Just all of a sudden my slobber had nowhere to go!
Good times.

Here are some pics as promised.

Me and my Mom. Dad is driving.

Me and Sissy playing on the front of the boat. Sissy is my brothers girlfriends daughter. She is so damn cute she makes me want to have one!


  1. Amy - looks like you had a good time! Sorry to hear you got sick... not fun! But, at least you have restriction! Doesn't sound like it was TOO awful!!! Love the stories as usual!

  2. OMG...I went to the beach on Sunday and Monday and I have to say I look like a lobster...ugh im hurting mut my daughter had loads of fun Ill post some pics on mine when I get a chance today...

    and about Kmart here...I hate Kmart, there sizes have always been like that. ugh...lol