Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dry Chicken With a Side of PB'ing

*If you are eating, you may not want to read this. Thanks--The Management

I had a little PB experience a few minutes ago. I made some chicken breast last night. I coated it with Shake 'n' Bake and cornflakes and baked it in the oven. Usually this yields a yummy result. Usually I use good sized chicken breasts. Last night though the chicken breasts must have come from an Elfin Chicken bc they were small. Probably about 4 oz. So, I overcooked them and they were on the Sahara desert side (aka...dry). It gave me a little trouble last night and it took me about 40 minutes to eat one.

So, I brought one for lunch, with a side of peaches. It took me about 30 minutes to eat the chicken breast. And I could feel it sitting there...but not super uncomfy. Then I just HAD TO EAT MY SLICED PEACHES! Well, rather quickly I knew they were going to come up. Off I went to our bathroom here at work. And up them came. I should say if you have to throw up, peaches are a good way to go bc they have a nice taste to them :)

Have you noticed since you got the lapband (for those of you who have pb'd or thrown up) that a majority of the food also goes to your nose? I know its gross, but so true. And for this reason I blow the heck out of the ol' olfactory glands before swallowing again, bc if you sniff instead...bad news! Dont do it!

So I am better now.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Amy that happend to my tuesday, every thing i had that day , was giving me problems, water included, I don't know if is that we are thighter some days more than other or what, but it is not plessant.

  2. I have not had my fill yet so I have not had the "joy" of PBing at all yet...Im not excited...

  3. I love it that you get into the nitty gritty! So, I'll share my PB experience. Whenever I've PBd, it comes straight up my mouth (no nose interaction) from my pouch. No stomach acid. . just food and saliva. Hope I didn't just gross everyone out! :)

  4. Chicken is sometimes the work of the devil. I can NEVER eat chicken the second day unless I turn it into chicken salad. If it isn't greased with some mayo and relish it ain't staying down.


  5. Amy,

    PB'ing, all stuff I have to look forward to.. lol.. This small message is about me rather than you (what have I turned into!!! pah!) but seriously, I want to thank you for your words of wisdom that you posted to me re: my post yesterday. You are right on so many levels (of course!! I hear you say) and I will take every word on board and just deal. Thanks
    Cara xx

  6. Thankfully, I haven't had a full-on PB yet... I know it is coming though! I have gotten pretty stuck, but it has always moved its' way thru... thanks for sharing though! I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch yesterday and the chicken was definitely dry... took a long time to get thru, and I didn't even want to finish it!

  7. Mary, Cara, and Sarah (ooh, that ryhmed) someday too you may be able to share in our experiences! I think that even though I called it PB'ing, it was really throwing up. The difference was clear to me that time I ate popcorn chicken while at walmart (do you remember that post)...what came out of my mouth was like foam. It was so weird. That was pbing. This was just plain chicken being shot out of my throat :) Most of the time that it happens to me I have eaten to fast. Slowing down is still hard for me!

  8. OK AMY...I had my 1st exprience last night...ate some chicken, brocoli, and whole wheat noodles and ate to fast and there I went to the bathroom....sooooo not fun. I think by saying I hadnt yet cursed me...booooo....