Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Goal and Rotting Teeth

So when I first set my benchmark mini-goals presurg, I stopped with 267 pounds by June 1st. I don't know why, but I think because that was a far off and as low as my mind could handle at that time. Well, I met that goal yesterday...so I have been thinking about how I need to set another one.

conundrum: a question or problem having only a conjectural answer b: an intricate and difficult problem

My first 2 mini goals were at 30 pound intervals, every three months. So should my next goal be 237 by Sept? This is a little ambitious...bc I expect my weight loss might slow down the further I get into my journey. BUT, September 8th IS my birthday, and Septemeber 3rd IS the date of our cruise....soooooo.....

What the hay! By Sept 3rd I want to lose another 30 pounds. I think that is do-able.

Also, I forgot to mention that I went for my 6-month teeth cleaning last month. Guess what the dentist found? 5 cavities! WHAT! I have never had that many cavities at one time in my life. AND I have better dental hygiene now than I have ever had! AND...six months ago when he looked at them last...no mention of anything!

I should mention I dont really like my dentist. He is young and full of himself and likes to talk about guns, hunting, and his political agenda...which is not the same as mine and I dont pay him to tell me who he is voting for. Perhaps he should keep his mouth shut while he is working in mine. Also...once...hand to God, the man answered a text message while working in my mouth. So I didnt think to ask him this question:

Could my lack of nutrition or whatever is causing my hair to fall out have something to do with 5 cavities? It just seems kind of odd to me. I will ask Dr. Friedman what he thinks when I go in for a fill on Monday.


  1. Interesting! I don't get my teeth checked for another 3 months... I'll be interested to see what my deal is then! I think you should find a new dentist... BTW - I think another 30 pounds is very do-able! And way to go, to be right on track with the goals you've already set!!! Wish I was going on a cruise... but, we get to come down your way 2 times in the next 4 months (we have a timeshare at WDW).

  2. 30lbs is for sure doable!!! who is this dentist so I can make sure that I don't go to this man because if someone answers a text while they are doing my teeth i would be POed! anyways...looks like you had fun in destin I need to go to the beach but I am afraid of sharks and jellyfish...lol!!

  3. Wow Amy you made your first goal early. Good for you!!! I know you will make the next 30 pound goal. Where are you going for your cruise? We're going on a Mexican cruise in November. Can't wait....Hope Swine Flu doesn't make a comeback in the Fall like the news keeps reporting. Did you hear about that Carnival cruise on its way to Mexico that had to turn around because of Swine Flu???? Don't want that to be us. Anyway, you're gonna look smoking hot by the time September rolls around. You'll need to get a new wardrobe by then.

  4. First off, my birthday is 9/9!! AND my anniversary is 9/3!!! :) LOL Crazy.

    And next, I think you can totally give yourself the 30 lb goal! You met this goal early so why not just keep on keepin' on and do it!!??

  5. 30 lbs is totally doable. Dump the dentist. And I was wondering about the teeth issue too and what will happen. Maybe it is all the chewing going on now. Where before, if you were anything like I am, it is basically, chew, chew, swallow, repeat. Now you are chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew, and on and on, so that the teeth are maybe wearing out since they are doing all the work???

  6. I like to set my goals kinda low so that when I surpass them I feel great! (a little head game I play with myself...lol). I do agree that 30 lbs is do-able by then. I want to lose that much by July (I think that's what I posted?). Anywho, I need to be lookin fab by the time my vaca rolls around in July.

    I am so jealous! I WAS going on a cruise September 5 but it got cancelled due to the swine flu outbreak...we were sailing to Mexico. I have yet to reschedule it and I'm the travel agent....lol.

    Yeah...you need a new dentist!