Friday, May 1, 2009

Oprah, Old Navy and a Hug

Here are my random thoughts for the day.

I DVR Oprah because its something easy to watch when I get home and just want to relax. Did anyone see Kirstie Alley on yesterday? Coo Coo Bird! Seriously...she is nuts and annoys me on so many levels. Do you remember not too long ago when she was on Jenny Craig and came out in her "bikini" but was totally wearing Spanxs underneath it and you could see the seam?

Anyways...she gained all her weight back. And is certifiable. That's all I have to say about that.

Last week on Oprah they had an episode about weird medical stuff with doctor Oz. They had this lady who was undergoing weight loss surgery...she was only the second in the world to have it done. They shaved her head, drilled holes in her skull, and wired it up to little pacemakers implanted on either side of her chest (sort of above the boobies). After the incisions healed, they turned the pacemakers on and sent a constant stream of electricity to her brain...right into the part that controls hunger. The desired result was that she wouldnt be hungry. It has been like 6 months since she had it done and she has lost 11 pounds. I was thinking THAT SOUNDS CRAZY...but tried to be non-judgemental bc I know that when Lapband and Gastric RnY came out...people probably thought the same thing...and I know some still do!

Now, on to Old Navy. Can I say that I am still bothered by the fact that Old Navy quit carrying their plus sizes in store. It's been over a year. But they have a maternity section! I think there are more fat people in this world than pregnant people. (I totally don't know if that is true, but it sounds good to support my case). There are just a lot of us biggies out in the world that would like some cute clothes!

Final little story. Last night Tracey and I were laying in bed (cue naughty music)...just kidding. We were just laying there talking and Tracey said..."I have something to tell you". Um...yes? He started hesitating and I was getting a little worried. We had been talking about my weight loss and how my body was changing and I thought he was going to say something bad (although he would never do that). He said, "I noticed today that when I hugged you, my arms overlapped and it was easier to hug you. I can really tell your body is changing."

I was like why didnt you want to tell me that? He was afraid I would think he meant that before my weight loss I was fat or something (sshh...we wont tell him I was/am). hahahaha It was just nice to hear :) I told him never to worry about complementing my weight loss...that would always score him bed...I mean brownie points!


  1. Awwww what a sweetie of Tracey for being so sensitive!! :)

    I am WITH YOU on the Old Navy issue. Dammit, I hate ordering online because 3/4 of the shit winds up not fitting and I never return it!!!!! Thankfully now I'll probably fit in most of it one day but UGH!

    I also DVR Oprah (watching old episodes now as a matter of fact!) and watched the two episodes you referred to. I said to Chris, "MAN, that is NUTS going in for BRAIN surgery for weight loss." He agreed and then I thought about it and said, "What about those people that go in through their guts and put some weird BAND around their stomach!? Fucked up in the head aren't they!?" :)

  2. My question to Kristy Alley and Oprah is why not have WLS once and for all and forget about it already??? Especially Oprah. I mean they both have struggled with their weight for so long and we have seen them both climb up to over 250. So, why not go for it. Christy Alley may have issues with that weird Tom Cruise religion she practices (no offence to any scientologists who may be reading this) that most likely wouldn't allow that surgery. But what about Oprah? She could have the best surgeon in the world too! Starr Jones did it and look at her skinny celebrity ass now!!! OK, enough ranting. . . sorry. Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetheart. We are lucky to have good guys in our lives. My husband is a sweetheart too. Lucky me...(and him)!

  3. On Old Navy - Huh. Didn't know that! Clearly it's been a while since I've been in their stores. But that sucks regardless.

    On Kirstie Alley - I agree - certifiable! Seriously. But, I hope she figures out what will work for her. Must suck being famous!

    On Tracey - what a great boyfriend!!!!

    And yes - you make me laugh almost everytime I read your blog! :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Amy!! I just wandered apon your blog looking at other peoples blogs whom have had lapbad and I saw you were from Pensacola Florida!!! so am I!!! I was banded on March 30th By Dr. Lord. lol well I just wanted to say Hello...

  5. Amy. I think you are getting prettier and prettier and you were beautiful before! Kudos to Tracey for giving you this compliment. I think we girls should write down every compliment our men give to us so we can refer back to them when we need them and on the rare chance that they may not always be there for us. I saw Kirsty. Oh my, she drove me nuts. I finally turned her off. She is not serious about weight loss I could see it in her eyes when Oprah would say, "Really? You're ready to work at it, Really???" Then Kirsty would roll her eyes and V E R Y hesitantly say yes. I'm not sure what her reason for being there was but it was completely nutty (and may I say that many of Oprah's shows are getting more and more off the wall!) I waited so long to not be working so I could watch her and hello! - - - poor programming! It's like she'll do the dumbest things and bring on the least brainy people just to get ratings. Maybe she's burned out and doesn't care as much. It's just weird. Bring back Tom Cruise or John Travolta or Michelle Obama - - Get classy again! GeeeeZ! Anyway, you look great and I love you blog cutie girl.

  6. Hi girlfriend ! My family Dr has old school thinking that weight loss is as simple as "calories in / calories out". At my check up last month he was stunned by my weight loss (he wasn't a fan of the band). I explained to him that since the band surgery my constant 24/7 hunger/obsession was GONE and I felt like I had a "normal" person appetite, he seemed confused at first......then mentioned he just read about the electrical stimulation surgery to curb appetite. Maybe someday he will realize that weight loss isn't as easy as it looks :-)

    Fianlly updated my blog

    You always make me smile :-) Write that book, and you'll be on Oprah instead of Kirstie...but in a GOOD way !!!

  7. I am hungover as all hell from a bachelorette party last night, but wanted to say hi and major aww on the tracey hug front and I'm too out of it too process thoughts on the rest.


  8. You have such great responses to your posts... it would be awesome if you collected them all together and it could be like "Sisterhood of the Blogging Bandsters"!

    My boyfriend does the same thing to me. He's afraid to compliment me. I would be too, I never know how to respond to positive, objective comments! Sometimes he just bypasses me and tells Liv to tell me the compliment so that I'll take it since it's from my little girl. They gang up on me, I swear!