Monday, May 4, 2009

Is...Is that Thunder I hear?

Hi Ladies! What a weekend! Friday night we babysat Tracey's niece (she's 2). Her mom and dad were already at Thunderbeach in Panama City. We took her swimming in at my sisters and then home to watch Barney (horrible that show!) and then it was night night go to sleep time. She slept between me and Tracey which meant her head was in my ribs and her feet in his face. Sometime around 2 am I woke up to her sitting beside me talking to me in 2 year old jibberish. I told her to go back to bed and she did :)

Saturday we woke up, handed Kendra off to grandma and grandpa and headed to Panama City. We decided to take the bike with us! Tracey rode and I drove. It is a 110 miles to Panama City and he has never ridden that far and I would be too scurred! I am SO glad we decided to take the bike bc we had the best time! We met up with his brother and sister and went to eat.

I should stop and say that on the way, we were almost there and I was REALLY hungry. I hadnt eaten breakfast and it was almost noon. I knew that Tracey wouldnt want to eat until later, so I got into the cooler and pulled out my chicken salad. I eat this all the time, but this time I must have eaten too fast because about 5 minutes into it...I knew I was going to throw up. I couldnt pull over bc I was following Tracey. I didnt have any bags in the car. So, in desperation I empty out the tupperware container that had our lunches in it and threw up. GROSS! It was like the stuff they put in stretch armstrong. Elastic/rubber slobber. I have got to slow down when I am eating.

Okay, so we met up and went to lunch at a real place and I just ate some lunch meat from inside a sandwich. Then we got on the bikes and rode to Coyote Ugly. Tracey had a beer and I enjoyed watching the tiny girls dance on the bar. In my mind I was right up there dancing with them and made a mental note to find the name of their boob doctor. He does great work.

After that we just rode up and down the strip! My butt is so sore! But I loved it. There is something about having your arms wrapped around your man with 750 cc's of power beneath you. Good times. As promised, some pictures are below.

Also, in some more band related news I threw up again last night! ARGH. I made a wonderful dinner. Steak (sauteed onions and garlic on Tracey's), a little salad with homemade croutons, rice, and green beans. I didnt eat very much of the steak...maybe 2 oz. My for some reason, combined with the other stuff, it never went down.

And you know the old bandster saying "What doesnt go down, must come up". I just made that up actually, but I think we should get tshirts.

Before we started really riding for the day.

Me changing pants in the car. Very agile :)

That little seat on the back...that's why my butt is so sore!

The end of a very fun and tiring day!


  1. Nice pics. You guys are a very cute couple. Sorry you got sick. Not good. One thing that seems unavoidable with Lap Band surgery eh?

  2. You are looking GOOD girl!!! And as usual, thanks for the laugh about the boob jobs at Coyote Ugly. So funny! Sorry to hear you got sick. I actually got stuck this weekend on cottage cheese. BIZARRE!

  3. Thanks guys! Sometimes I just never know what is going to make me throw up. I think I really need to slow down when I eat bc I certainly dont want to do any damage to my band.

  4. You guys are a SUPER cute couple!! I'm glad you had a good time :)

    I'm not looking up to the throwing up business! When you do that do you worry about your band? I'm terrified of throwing up because I'm worried the band will slip!!!