Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do you see this cover? It chaps my hide. And let me tell you why.

First, I am tired of people in bikinis on the cover of People. Isn't there anything better to talk about? As I typed that sentence I realized how funny that is coming from a girl who is blogging about her weight loss journey and has even posted a picture of herself in a bikini on said blog. I am a girl of contradictions. REGARDLESS! It would be one thing if the person in the bikini had actually been fat...which brings me to #2.

She has 153 in that "horrifying" "FAT" Picture. Listen People...153 is not fat. Perhaps Melissa was not making the healthiest choices...but COME ON! I find it ironic that the cover gives a sneak peak into the article where basically Melissa is tired of people calling her fat...and the way hollywood defines a woman's body...but stay with me here...isn't she doing the exact same thing? Isn't she perpetuating the very problem she is yacking about by calling herself fat and horrifying at 153 pounds.

Woo...I feel better.

Also, I saw that this is going to be on Discovery Health tonight. I thought I might give it a watch.

I'M FAT AGAIN: A BEST LIFE SPECIAL, premiering Thursday, May 28, at 8 PM (ET/PT), focuses on the agonizing weight fluctuation process known as "yo-yo dieting." Greene teaches three frustrated individuals how they can permanently break the cycle of crash diets followed by rapid weight gain by observing his principles of balance, moderation and physical activity. In this special, Greene helps 32-year-old Joya, a classic yo-yo dieter, who gains back more weight each time a diet trend fades. I'M FAT AGAIN also features an appearance by Dr. Mehmet Oz, Discovery Health's chief medical officer and medical expert for The Oprah Winfrey Show. Together, Dr. Oz and Greene discuss gastric bypass surgery as the special follows a married couple who underwent the surgery but defeated any chance of success by not changing their couch-potato lifestyles.


  1. I DID SEE THAT and it made me mad too!!! I was like that is what I am trying to get down to and that is FAT???? ugh, that makes me mad again. BOOOOO....

  2. Amy - you're absolutely right! When is people going to do the "Ladies of LapBand" cover? I will nominate you right now!

  3. Her "before" weight is 2 lbs less than my goal weight! WTF?! I love how they make it sound like she was a heifer before. P-lease!

  4. Oh yeah, if she is fat I'm Hannah Montana

  5. Well, from experience with being able to have friends in the B-movie industry (you know, the films you never get to see trailers of but are available on NetFlix to rent: btw check out The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down. I got a chance to interview Cricket Leigh from that movie, which is TRULY low-budget, and she does professional make-up when she can't get on screen time herself - as well as doing voice overs for animation like Mai on "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and commercials for Pepsi - and she says that whenever they say they weighed "blank" in a fat picture, add about 25 pounds to that number, as well as the after weight too. The all lie and then get photoshopped to look thinner).

    Oh and not defending Melissa Joan Hart or anything, it's more the magazine's fault than hers, but she's only 5'2", so weight is going to look bulkier on her because she doesn't have much space to spread it out over. You'd be surprised what a couple inches of height all over the body will do to its form. She hasn't been getting much acting work and is trying to squeeze some attention towards herself for SOMETHING, but it's sad that the magazines manipulate it for these reasons. Oh, and a lot of the time, they lie about their height as well. That's the industry for you.