Friday, May 22, 2009

New Swimsuit for the Weekend

So I went into Target the other day to get some new "Jackie O" sunglasses as Tracey calls them. Instead I stumbled on their new plus size line of swimsuit and picked me up this little nautical themed top for a weekend of boating!

This last pose makes me look like a small person (being politically correct)...but Tyra and Miss J (for those of you who watch America's next top model) would not be happy with the fact I have made myself look even shorter and stubbier! Oh...and I totally forgot about the bandaid!



  1. Great pictures Amy, Love that swiming suit, I hope you have a great time with your family, take pictures for us.

  2. Great swim suit Amy. I find my best bathing suits at Target!! Looking good!!

  3. looking good!!! I bought my first suit in YEARS the other day... size freakin medium! I was like WHAT!!!! I'll have to get a picture up soon!

  4. Hey Amy,
    Those bathers really suit you, and they are SO cute!! Makes me wonder if people will look at the anchor and you will think.. "You looking at my boobs? ohhh, right.. big pic on the right one lol.
    Hope you had a great time with the family.

  5. Love the suit! have fun with the Fam...

  6. Hi Amy

    I've just finished reading your entire blog. I have not been banded YET, hoping to get done in August.

    I love your blog. I love your personality. I love that you love the water, and your swimsuit. I love that you smile in every single photo, especially love that you smile in your progress pic's!

    Lookin great in the swimsuit. Your waist has become more defined. You have such a great body shape, with gorgeous curves.


  7. Rock on... You look like you should be on a cruise! You are looking SO good... hope you've had fun this weekend!

  8. wow! what a great pic. u've definetly lost some more weight since ur last pics u put up.

    your looking really good. I hope your having fun boating!
    Keep us updated! your a real inspiration to those of us not banded yet!
    yo go girl!

  9. Well done girlie, you look fantastic, and might I say, looking nice and tanned too.. You are looking stunningly glowing, and I love your confidence.. Wish you could bottle it up and ship some to me..
    xx Nene

  10. I went swimsuit shopping and couldn't find anything near that adorbale. Love it! :D

    P.S. I sent you an email. maybe 1-2 weeks ago?

  11. You look fabulous.!! I really love your swimsuit. I will take a look on Target's plus size line of swimsuits.