Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I know that anyone can read my blog, and I hesitate to post about work because of that. However, I have to share with you here I go.

I work for Julie (not her real name). And there are a lot of perks that come with working for her. Our time if flexible, we laugh a lot, etc. However, sometimes she makes the most ignorant statements regarding weight. One time we were talking about me becoming a certified First Aid and CPR instructor and she asked me if I thought I would physically be able to do it, since it involved getting up and down off the floor. UH....I am not in a wheelchair. That was just ridiculous. The other day when I was talking about going to Curves since I get a discount through my lapband, she snapped and said that it wasnt fair that "I took the easy way out" and got a discount....although she has always pretended to support WLS. Then today she was talking about her "bootcamp" exercise program she goes to M-W-F. Today she was telling the story of how there was a new girl who was "really big...I mean huge...a very large girl". She was surprised how well this "huge girl" she could do most of the exercises. Then she said "I mean, she must have weighed anywhere between 225-240!"

EXCUSE ME! She says that to me knowing I weigh more than that. It was just amazing.

Before you ask, no...she is not skinny herself. She has always struggled with eating, and does workout 7 days a week...but she is solid and box shaped and short...

Does she think that if we are bigger we cant move or on our death bed. Whatever. I just wanted to share as I silently scream inside.

On a lighter note, it's always fun when I find (or they find me) a new blog from a fellow WLS check out hotdogs and hamburgers...for those of you who watch biggest loser, you might like her latest post!


  1. Awww...Amy you are too cool! Thanks for the shout out girl!!

    I know how you feel about your boss...I work in an office full of men and sometimes I have to endure the most ignorant comments. But since I am not a "debater" I just grin and bear it.

  2. I feel ya! all I do is smile and go the other way, but of course I know you can't because she is your boss. And also about how "we took the easy way out!!" jeezz I wish I didnt have to have surgery to control my weight!

  3. Hmmm, well Julie (not her real name) sounds like a bit of an ignoramis (spelling?) but is is nice to be employed. I suggest, that you limit what you tell "Julie" so she has nothing to hold against you or torment you with.

  4. Amy , I'm sorry you have to work with an ignorant like that, the way I look at it, we didn't take the easy way out, we made choices for our healths, and still very hard because you have to be selective with your diet, to me it takes at lot of discipline, the band is just a tool.

  5. Ugh, some people just don't get it. And some people have nooooo concept of what weight looks like or what numbers mean. I remember comments like.. 'wow, that person is so big.. she must be over 230 lbs' ... and there I was, several lbs heavier and feeling like crap about it. What are they thinking??

    Or how bout this.. This happens to me all the time.. I'm out with some friends and I mention that it's a little chilly.. and my 110 lb, extra-extra small friend says... oh hey, you can borrow my sweatshirt! ... Now it's not that I don't think that it's really nice that she's willing to let me borrow her clothing.. but seriously?? It's like they have absolutely no concept of size. that always cracked me up. haapened just the other day.

    sorry your boss seems like a douchebag.

    But on a plus note, you totally should be a First Aid/AED/CPR instructor *thumbs up*

  6. And you work in HR, right?!?!? Yikes... What an ass. Oh well - just knowing you're so much better of a person! She'll get hers someday. When you look fabulous because you took the "easy" way out. As if! (can I put bee-atch here?!?!?)

  7. Haha... since my office manager will never find this blog, I can use her real name. Joann, who I actually sometimes admire and sometimes just feel sorry for, has known me the entire time I've worked for my company (8 years this coming July). She's seen me lose 60-80 pounds and gain them back 3 times during my course of working for the company. She LOVES to say things like "You yo-yo too much, that's unhealthy for you," and asks me my weight and personal questions all the time.

    She's not much older than my mom but she got married at 15 and started popping out kids until she was up to 10. A couple of them were teenagers and pregnant at the same time she was with their younger siblings. I know this because she offers this information like it's something to brag about, not because I ask. So I see that she has plenty of problems of her own but I really wish she would ease up on me about what I look like. Since we have had so many cut-backs to government funded programs for the disabled, like the one I work for, we had to downgrade our office and now, as long as I stay on top of everything, I only need to go into the office once a week to see her. But blah... I know what you mean.

    You know the statement that I've heard from people I work with or around (same type of program, but a different company - we'll run into other coaches at day activities like library time or bowling on Fridays) is that they say "You don't look THAT big" to me. As if they have this predetermined number of what's "acceptably" big.

    Again, I guess it goes hand in hand with the line of work that I'm in. So many of our clients are overweight, either from poor diets (due to poor income, because it's cheaper to get a cheeseburger than a salad) or from medications that they take. So I guess everyone starts seeing weight differently. I always have this insatiable desire to walk up to different sized women and ask them how much they weigh because I am so skewed as to who weighs what. But I'd probably end up punched by a few of them and I don't want to make the others feel offended or sad about their weight or the invasion of privacy question. But I really wish I knew weights of different people because I AM that short and boxy figured girl. My saving grace has always been the good bone structure in my face. Angle the camera just so and you have a hard time figuring out just how much I weigh.

    Or perhaps I was just fooling myself all along?