Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let me Whisker in Your Ear

I has been toying with the idea of blogging about chin whiskers for some time now. It's something that is constantly on my mind a lot (or should I say on my face? hahahaha).

The History: I dont come from a particularly hairy stock. I am not sure what my heritage is...German. Canadian. Something like that. My dad has a tremendous amount of ear, nose, and back hair NOW...but that is because he is old. When I was 17, I was a cheerleader. I remember vividly being told by a senior on the squad..."Amy, its time you pluck your eyebrows." It was life changing! They were out of control. Seriously, I will find a picture and post it. Then, probably when I was 20, I started noticing chin hair. Just a few. Pluckable. Manageable. It has gotten worse over the years. Now I pluck every night and shave in a pinch. I am not one of those women who you can see coming with a beard (well, you have seen pictures of my face), but if you are up close, in just the right can see them! It takes a lot to embarrass me...but that will do it!

My Theory: It's simple logic folks. The fatter I got, the more facial hair I got. So one day I asked my dermatologist if there is a correlation between being overweight and having excess facial hair. She said "of course". Something about fat women have wonkie hormones, and the hormone surge can cause more facial hair.

The Question: As I lose weight will I lose facial hair?

The Question #2: Why does noone else ever talk about facial hair? I never see it on LBT!

The Solution: I know I could get laser. My boss got 4 treatments recently for her facial hair. It didnt do hardly anything! When she told me she was only getting 4...I was like really? I heard it could take months! So, I dont know if I can afford it. Because if I got it done, I would expect it to work.

Side note: The hair on my head is falling out at a good clip. Can't my facial hair do the same?


  1. Amy you may want to make sure you are getting your protein in, or take Biotin over the counter for the hairs in you head, your facial hair.... that is a diferent story, hopefully they'll go away.Something similar is happend to me but with my cycles, i have an Implanon on my arm as birth control, and for 9 months i didnt have a period , after loosing weight, what do you know?, mother nature does her thing , know i have to take bc pills to stop bleeding, and my Dr. says is all weight related

  2. Dude, get out of my head. First poop posts, now hair on the chin. LOL

    I have just one that grows in like a hairy man-whisker, and I blame my mother. It's in the exact same spot that she has one growing on a mole that she has on her chin. When I first found it I was at work and started (joke) freaking out that I was a bearded lady. (Hey, it was almost an inch long, I don't know how I missed it for so long!) I pluck it once every few weeks now, but it's inevitable that I get more.

    I second the increased protein, but I've been told recently that if you have facial hair Biotin can actually make that worse. I'm willing to risk it though, to try to keep my hair from completely falling out. Hopefully yours stops soon, and grows back even more gorgeous than before!

  3. My DARLING sister told me in the car just a few weeks ago that in just the right light and if I held my head at a 90 degree angle that you could see I was getting a furry lip!!!!!!!!!
    I went straight out and brought some of that cream that you just rub on and then wash off....I haven't used it yet is winter now and we haven't got as much sun:)
    But I am keeping my eye on it:)

  4. amy - I get them too... thankfully, my family is pretty blond. So I usually feel them before I see them, and can pick them off. ouch. Doesn't being fat suck? I mean, seriously... all those skinny tiny models could use some fur! :-)

  5. It's hormonalm take it from a friend. You and I talked about this right? I was 20 also. I was thin so I'm not sure I believe your dermotolgist but maybe. I know that we probably have too much progesterone or something but what old woman doesn't have hair growing out of her chin on her death bed. I've already told my daughter to shave me or do whatever to "save face" for me while I'm dying and if anyone comes to visit while I'm laying in a coma, she should make sure she has taken care of my morning toiletries that day before she lets anyone comes to pay their last respects. It's just part of life.

  6. I have PCOS and excess facial hair is one of the symptoms... as is obesity, irregular periods, etc. It's REALLY common amongst overweight women, I can't believe how many bandsters have it.

  7. OK, I am Greek and I know all about facial hair. (lol) Heavy brows and upper lip are normal things that need to be taken care of on a regular basis with waxing or cream for the lip and waxing or plucking for the brows. No biggy, we just have to get used to it and deal with it. Chin hair is another story. It is for sure hormonal. I was told that if you pluck the stray thick hairs that grow they just keep growing back and come in thicker. The metal tweezer creates an electrical reaction that helps the root to grow. If you start shaving, it will just grow in thicker and faster and before you know it you will have a regular 5 o'clock shadow. Not Pretty! So stop it. I recommend you see a professional electrolosist (sp?) and or start laser treatment and get rid of it for good. If you don't want to get started, then at the very least, go for waxing. But don't shave! You are too pretty and too have facial hair! As far as the hair on your head, keep eating the protein and hopefully this is just a temporary reaction from you body losing weight and it will straighten out after you stop losing and are eating more protein and calories.

  8. I have gone to the derm. about it too.
    As for the laser treatment..I was told the fairer (is that a word?) your skin, the better it works. the hair also has to have color (it will not work on the blonde hair). the laser looks for color. I was told not to pluck for at least 3 weeks before having it done so they can see each one. (she recommended shaving with one of the bikini shaver thingies...)
    i plan to do this SOON! i have way too many coming out on my chinny chin chin!

  9. I was soooo plucking my chin when I saw that you had posted I was wondering about it as well!! I would love to not have to pluck every day my little brown "fly hairs" my mom would call them LOL.

  10. Amy girl you are TOO funny! As I sit at my desk with one hand on the mouse and the other hand tweezing my super thick chin hairs! you are cracking me up!!! LMAO!

  11. You know, I never really examined the possibility of having chin hair until I was up in NorCal visiting a friend and we were in Armstrong Forest, waiting for the sunset and she spied one under my chin and reached over and yanked it out! That was only back last October and now I'm super paranoid about it. Because my body hair is plentiful BUT a very light blonde that disappears against my skin tone, I never noticed chin hairs. Now it feels like I'm constantly running my fingers under my chin to check if they're there. And they are! I know I'm not a big cosmetics fan (I rarely if ever wear make-up) but I'd like to think that I can still maintain good skin care after years of hardcore treatment as a teenager to take care of the crazy acne I had then. How I missed the chin hair still bugs the crap out of me.

    There is just so much to think about, I preferred being concerned about still getting acne in my 30's and not this!