Monday, February 7, 2011


I realize that over a week ago when I said I was taking a day of silence, I didn't intend to go post-less for 10 days! I haven't had too much to share...but I have been thinking about something...SOMETHING to blog about.

Still got nothing.

However. Life is good. Today was the official first month weigh in for the Biggest Loser challenge at work. Sigh. I am down 3 pounds on the competition scale. Sadly...that is not where I need to be.

BUT, and here is what we can discuss...

I don't really care.

You see, I have come to the conclusion that for me to venture away from the 170 mile marker, I need to invest more effort into my daily consumption of the goodies. I need to be diligent. I need to be fastidious. I need to really put forth a concerted effort.

And I don't wanna.

Well, I do. But not enough.

And that's really what it comes down to with weight loss and making this band work. You have to WANT it. You have to crave it, desire it, seek to find it. And that is why the band helped me lose 160 pounds. Because boy...I wanted it. I wanted to change. I wanted to win. I wanted to impress. I wanted to inspire. I was motivated.

Weight loss with the band, much like everything else in life, depends mainly on what you believe can be.

So, I would still like to see 160 someday in the not so far off future. And I am still meandering towards that mark. But until I find my remotivation...I just don't know.

SO, I started thinking about what COULD motivate me. You know how they say you have to do it for yourself? I am thinking at this point, if my'self' is fine where I am, maybe I should do it for other reasons.

Shallower reasons.

Like: To fit into a size 8. Or so I would be even hotter for Heather. Or so my ass would be smaller.

I dunno.

I shall share with you a few pictures from last nights superbowl festivities. Happy Monday my soldiers!

Me and my lady.

Me and our friend Nancy.


  1. You look so happy, Amy! 160 will come; keep up all the good work. (And don't run off for 10 days again.)

  2. your right about the wanting it. 3lbs is good when you consider that you are aiming for lower then your goal weight. If you feel comfortable with were you are at then that is what matters most, being happy with the weight you are at.

  3. You guys are adorable.

    Do your thing, the motivation will either come or it won't but 170 looks like a good place for you if it never does.

  4. You actually sound very content. Wanting it is the truth. Until I got my band, I know my previou sweight loss attempts were really just a charade. I've never felt more committed. You look fantastic and you feel fantastic so even if you never lose another pound, sounds like you'll be alright.

  5. I am 6 months out and I am appx 70lbs down. with 100 more to go. there are a lot of neysayers out there that say you cant lose alot of weight with the band ... but when i saw your site i knew that it was possible and that i could do it !

  6. I feel the same way! I weigh 176 and if I want more, I'm going to have to either eat less or exercise more. And I just can't find the desire to do either one! So I can just be happy with 176.

    Of course I don't look as hot as you do in a bikini so I can't really compare us. LOL.

  7. You look awesome Amy! As usual. I think once I see 170 it is going to be REALLY tough to stay motivated. Size 10 is great, size 8 is better of course...but is it worth it?

    The most important question is are you happy? If yes, then I think you are good where you are.

  8. You've reached so many goals so I know when you are ready you'll reach your next one. Sometimes you need to enjoy where you are now.

  9. What? Did you say something? You lost me after know...cuz I have the brain of a 5 year old and you said a naughty word. I Love you raindrop!

  10. Here! Here! I have to be better about the goodies too.

    I'm sick, I can think of nothing witty to say. How about: You and Heather are adorable!

  11. You are healthy and happy and looking fantastic :o) That is what matters the most!!