Friday, February 25, 2011

A Healthier Chicken Pot Pie

I love me some chicken pot pies. Sadly, most of them that you can buy from the story have enough fat and calories to cause even Barbie to generate cellulite. So lately, I have been making a "lighter" version and wanted to share it with you.

You will need:

9 x 12 casserole dish
4-6 cups diced chicken (I pressure cook 2 chicken breasts and dice that up)
5 cups of your favorite frozen veggie mix
1 can cream of chicken soup (reduced sodium if you want)
1 cup of milk
1 cup shredded cheese
2 tbls butter
2 cups chicken broth
1 egg
Italian seasoning
salt & pepper
1 pastry sheet (found in the freezer section, usually comes 2 in a box


Preheat oven to 400.

Cook and dice the the chicken. Season with salt and pepper. In casserole dish, combine diced chicken, frozen veggies (I use peas & carrots and a small can of corn), shredded cheese. Mix it up.

Pour the cream of chicken (that you have mixed with the 1 cup (can) of milk and heated up in the microwave). Mix it up with what's in the dish.

In a small sauce pan, melt the butter and add 1/2 cup flour. This creates a weird globby mix. Pour in 2 cups of chicken broth or stock. Stir or whisk until this is hot and mixed. Pour that into casserole as well. Mix it all up.

Now comes the pastry sheet. You have to thaw your sheet for about 45 minutes. Then, spread a little flour out and roll out the sheet until it can cover your casserole dish. Put the sheet over the mixture in the casserole. Seal off the sides. Take your egg (that you have mixed in a little bowl), and use a brush or your fingertips to wash the entire top of the pastry sheet. Sprinkle sheet with Italian seasoning.

Pop in oven and bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.


Depending on the type of cheese, cream of chicken soup, milk, etc...the entire dish has around 1500 calories and you can get 6 good size squares out of it. Play around and make it the way you want. It is a little labor intensive (takes me about 40 minutes to assemble), but it's worth it.



  1. YUM!!!! I can't wait to try this, i love me some chicken pot pie. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. That sounds beyond yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds perfect for dinner tonight. Rainy and cold here!

  4. How did you know that I have been craving Chicken Pot Pie? I've resisted since it's so not healthy but now I can have it! Yaya!

  5. YUM! Sounds tasty! Thanks for sharing

  6. ooo sounds yummy! i haven't had chicken pot pie for years! I will so have to try this.

  7. Yum, sounds good! I'll have to try it!!!

  8. That sounds fantastic. My husband will love this recipe!

  9. OMG - seriously - do you put peas in it? I cannot eat peas. My Grandma used to make us eat how many peas for how old we were. Like if I was 12, I had to eat 12 peas. I swallowed them whole like aspirin in Chocolate milk...just the sight of them now makes me throw up on my mouth a little. Great comment huh?