Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I ran.

Last night I headed over to THE TREADMILL. (I find if you say it in all caps, it's much more dramatic).
I was ready to do another 5 miles. Well, not really...but that was my goal. I came prepared. I had my iPod and my playlist, I had a plan. I have found that if I can see the screen, and see how far I have gone (and thus how far I still have to go)...I focus on that and sell myself short. SO, I covered the screen and I ran.
I ran for about 30 minutes before I looked at my progress. I had completed almost 3 miles! So I covered that bad boy back up and told myself I wouldn't look at the screen again for 20 minutes. And when I looked, I had ran almost 4.5 miles. So I covered it up one last time and ran for another 10 minutes. I finally uncovered it and ran until I saw 6 miles.
I ran 6 miles without stopping.
I am proud of myself.
Do you know what's funny? I had a hard time typing that sentence. It's difficult for me to say I am proud of myself. Is it for you? When is the last time you said that? I bet you deserve to say it. Interesting.
Anyways. This by no means makes me a runner. But here is what I have to say:
Our bodies are pretty amazing. I sell mine short a lot of the time. Just think of what it can do if we believed in it more often.
My knees hurt. Turns out running may not be my friend.
I burned 800 calories on THE TREADMILL. Combined with the 260 I burned at circuit, that's a total of 1060 calories out.
Gen asked what I do to get through the boredom. First, I have to have some good tunes. Also, it helps to have something on the tv that helps me gauge my time. For example, I like to watch the food network or HGTV bc the shows are 30 minutes long. So I say to myself, Self, you make to to commercial. Then, when the show comes back on I say, Self, you can make it to the next commercial, or the next show. I also chant things in my head. Like I may talk to myself about why I am running. Or I what my motivation is.
My goal for running is not to be a marathoner or sprinter. I really just want to be comfortable when someone says "Wanna go for a run?" I want to know that I can do it.
I am lucky because one of my coworkers in my office is a runner. Like for realz. He is in a runner group, he ran a 9 mile race a couple of weeks ago and ran a sub-6. Which means less than a 6 minutes mile. Out of 1800 runners, he came in 11th. So he has given me a few tips. For example, one question I asked was should I be aiming to run longer at a slower pace, or run faster at a quicker pace.

Answer: slower for longer. That is opposite of what I thought and what I was doing the first few times I ran.
I asked him what exactly I was working on conditioning. My heart? My lungs? My muscles?
Answer: I am really working on how my body manages the lactate acid that builds up. I don't understand this enough just yet to speak to it. But...thank God for google.
So there you have. A jumbalia of thoughts.
I also thought I would share with you my running playlist. It's kinda random. Would you expect anything less?


  1. That is Kick-ASS!!!!!! Way to go!!! I used to to do the same thing on the treadmill...it's always better to cover it up so you can't see your progress!! then, you are ultimately almost always surprised!
    Oh, and I love your playlist.. may have to copy a couple of songs off there!!
    Be proud!

  2. You ROCK!!! I tried to run on the treadmill last night. This body is made for a lot of things...however, running is not one of them. I'm proud of you girl.

    I thought my playlist was random...you have me beat...but I love it and I'm adding a few to my crazy list.

  3. WOW! I am proud of you :) my treadmill died (I swear I didn't break it) I'm not a runner but my trick was to only allow myself to watch Days of Our Lives if I was on the treadmill. I need a new one before my DVR is full!

  4. You go girl! I walked yesterday for like 40 mins!!!!!!!!! I know it's not much but to me it is everything :)

  5. Wow! That really is something to be proud of Amy! I thought I was the only one who covered up the display with my towel! I also sell myself short and it is a great trick!

  6. That's some damn fine running, chica. I was proud of myself for doing a 5k in just under 50 minutes on Sunday.

  7. Six miles is AWESOME!! I was not born to run, and I salaam to you for going that far!

  8. Well, I'm proud of you. And yes, I have a hard time saying that to myself. 6 miles. Amazing.

  9. my husband has got me wanting to get back into running again. We have started training for the Warrior Dash in wisconsin in september!! should be fun!

  10. That's totally amazing!!! I too, cover up the display and do thing like say... just till the next commercial. and I too have a hard time saying I'm proud of myself. Something to work on in 2011! I'm not there yet, but I'll be with you one of these days - running for 6 miles.

  11. Bragger! That's great!!
    All this time I thought people were covering the screen so the rest of us couldn't tell if they were exceeding the 30 minute time limit. Who knew it could be motivating. I'll try it next time because I have trouble peeling my eyes off of the screen.

  12. I'm totally gonna try the cover it up trick. I am also stealing a couple of songs off your play list. It's funny to see how many songs we have in common on the running playlist! You should be proud of you, we all should and we should acknowledge it more often.

  13. 6 miles! Incredible! You ARE a runner and should feel awesome.

  14. I love your playlist... I will have to make up a exercise list because when I shuffle Michael Buble or something comes on and trips me up... You know Train is my Favorite... I saw them 3 times in concert in the last year... LOL. You are amazing... whenever I read or hear you talk about your exercise routine, I say in my head... I will never be able to do all that, but you are inspirational and you make people believe that they can do it too. Amazing!

  15. Oh COME ON! The original "Eff You" version by Cee Lo is so much catchier. I've been planning on posting his youtube video if my insurance denies me a second time. Have you seen it? So funny.


  16. That is amazing. And it's so great you have a runner to get tips. Would appreciate you passing on any info you get.

  17. That is so awesome. You just keep getting better and better. I have decided I am not much for running. I get cramps easily and it hurts my knees and my shins. So more power to ya sister!

    Nice playlist!

  18. Love the playlist! Mine is extra random too! I've been looking for some new songs to add...I am sooo stealing some of yours! :)

  19. That is freakin amazing.. look at you.. you are beautiful, athletic, full of life.. and doin it right.. doin it all on your terms.. that is what life is all about sweet Amy.. you figured out the secret to life!!

  20. WOW that is awesome! Thanks for the info, and thanks for your playlist! I do the TREADMILL at a gym that has no TVs...I can't stand looking at a wall for that freaking long!

    Be proud. You are a RUNNER.

  21. six miles in just shy of an hour...hate to disappoint my friend...but, you, are a runner. :D wear it proudly girlfriend! and be proud of yourself. you deserve it. and so much more.