Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Vitamins

One thing I have been actually doing well on is taking my vitamins. Ever since I recieved my bloodwork back, I've been a good girl. And I thought I would share with you what I take. First is my vitamin D. Next, also recommended after my bloodwork is my B complex.
Ooh, this next one will hopefully be a goodie. I added it on Saturday. Acidophilus is a bacteria that basically helps your poop workers do their job. I was prescribed this once when I had a back up in the nether regions. At that time, I bought the kind that have to be refridgerated. But these dont. I also bought a bottle for Heather. She is a sparse pooper and I am sure she would love that I shared that with all of you. far so good. For both of us there has been some business to handle EVERYDAY since we started taking these little guys.

And the last one is not new to most bandsters. I just never took it for fear of increased facial hair. But seeing how I made that up in my own brain, and several of the things on my "hate list" include my nails, hair, and skin...I started taking this on Saturday as well.

Missing of course is my multi-vitamin. I ran out.
I swallow all of my pills. Always have. Dr. Friedman says as long as they don't give me any problems, I can go on with my bad self (well, he didn't say it like that).


  1. Speaking of facial hair, did you ever address if it did get better or not with your weight loss? I have PCOS and hypothyroidism, so my facial/body hair is quite excessive due to the MAJOR hormone imbalance! :(

    I'm planning on laser removal once I get down to goal weight.

    Come on Amy, if you do a whole post about your dangly bits, can you talk about hair too? lol

  2. I really need to start taking my vitamins again!

  3. I just started taking some D along with my iron and multivitamin. so far so good.

  4. I need to get my vitamins in order too. I have a bottle of Biotin that I bought and I haven't taken. I need to because I hate hate HATE my nails. They are so brittle and dry and horrible. Always have been. My skin is OK except where it's getting a bit droopy and thin while because of the weight loss of course, but my hair has gotten dryer...booooooo...
    I need to be a good girl like Amy and pull out the vitamins again.

  5. I take vitamins every day... Tons of Calcium,and Vitamin D, B-12, Fish Oil(Thanx AmeyfromIdaho)... and of course, a Prenatal Multi-vitamin(Of course, I'm not preggers but I need help with the hair and nails too and the Pre-natal vitamins are all the rage these days)

  6. Been reading your past posts trying to catch up and you know - I have been in the same boat. When you live the life that we have (weight up and down, weight always this monkey on your back) sometimes you want to say "fuck it" and just be happy and relish in what there is at that moment. There is NOTHING wrong with that. At all...

    I think in life, everyone should have to battle their weight at some point just so they see what we do.

    Carry on with your bad self! :)