Friday, January 7, 2011

Please Send Band Fairy With Answers ASAP

Thank you guys for all your comments on my stomach acid/what should I do dilemma. Isn't it funny how there are so many different thoughts and results from those of you who had this in the past?

Funny. But not very helpful. hahaha...I would read one comment and think "woo, I am overreacting"...and then I would read the next comment and think "I am going to die".

I didnt read any of the comments until this morning, but here is how it went down last night.

I ate some soup for dinner around 6:30. We laid down in bed around 9. I fell asleep and within 5 minutes, it shot into my mouth like a rocket. I was coughing and hacking, Heather was pounding on my back. I went to the bathroom because I thought I was going to throw up, but I didnt. I made myself a little mountain of pillows, and slept at a slight recline the rest of the night. It didnt happen again. I had even taken a zantac before bedtime.

SO, my plan of action is...I am going to call my doctors office and see if I should come in for an unfill, or if they think if Dr. Friedman prescribes me some medicine...if I should see how the weekend goes.

I have only had soups for my meals, but yesterday I ate a mini packet of m & m cookies and they went down just fine. So it's not like I FEEL like my actual restriction is too tight in regards to food, but this reflux thing is not cool. I don't want to do damage just because I am being greedy.

I will keep you posted! Thanks again and Happy Friday!


  1. I need the Band Fairy for the exact same thing. Suuuuucckkkkkksss!!!!! But I can't really get an unfill, no doc here. So I'm waiting it out.

    Good luck Amy! It is not cool at all!

  2. I think talking to your doctor is the best plan. I hope it gets better for you.

  3. ugh ames i'm feeling you on this one! I had never in my life had heart burn/acid reflux until about a month ago. It came out of no where, it feels like a volcano is errupting in your chest and the lava is flowing down your throat. I thought I might be dying. I usually just do the same and prop my pillows and sleep upright. I only get it maybe twice a month, so I haven't done anything about it, but I understand how sucky it can be. I hope you find a cure! xxoo

  4. Oh my. I hope you get everything resolved.

  5. The doctor will help-also try a bit more time between dinner at bed until you can get in.

    Also try something besides soup for dinner?? were there tomatoes in that soup? I find they sometimes give me more trouble than other things.


  6. I haven't had reflux since the band, but I did suffer in the past (particularly during pregancy, but that's another matter! :)

    I agree with Tina- acidy foods (tomatoes, citrus, spicy foods, cucumbers, peppers) make it worse. Fatty foods make it a lot worse.

    Hang in there!

  7. I hope this works out soon. No fun! I'll be very curious to hear what Dr. Friedman and/or his office says. I hope whatever happens can happen for you quickly.

  8. OMG, let me know ASAP because I am doing THE EXACT same thing. Did it last night. Pretty sure I'm going to choke and die in my sleep :( However, I don't feel like the band is too tight. Help! :)

  9. I would def let him take out a tiny bit hun, he gave you 1cc! atleast let him take out .25 before your band gets even more swollen from the reflux. love you! and I Miss your beautimus face Amykins!

  10. You're not supposed to have reflux, honey. At all. In fact, my P.A. just got back from a bariatric seminar where they talked about the rise in esphogeal cancer and throat cancer due to reflux. It is super bad for you. Many obese people have it too and it is becoming quite an epidemic. Get and unfill and get rid of it.