Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Crazies

We need to talk. We need to talk about several things.

Public Displays

First, have you ever happened upon one of those HUMONGOUS scales in a grocery store? I am not talking about the ones that weigh produce. I am talking about the ones that weigh humans? They are in everyone of our Publix grocery stores down here. The sit right in the front of the store, near the door, where everyone from God to granny can see your weight.

Who in the hell gets on a jumbo scale in public? I wonder this all the time. For me, it causes tremors and reminds me of how I used to be terrified by those people at amusement parks who would yell on the microphone as you walked by. "Step right up. Let me guess your age....or your weight!"

I would walk by as quickly as I could. Who would one some man whose voice is being amplified to guess your weight to the world? WHO?

Which takes me back to the scale in the grocery store.

Do people weigh before grocery shopping to deter themselves from buying junk food? I dunno? But I always wonder.

So the other, by a rare stroke of something, Heather went into the grocery store with me. Usually she is like the old men who just sit in their trucks while their little ladies shop. Anywhoo...we are walking into the grocery store and I see the scale and am about to say "Who gets on those damn things"...

When my sprite little girlfriend hops on.

And my question was answered.


They are weird.

Locker Room Etiquette

So in the morning when I work out, I shower after circuit. There are 2 showers in our locker rooms here at work. Today, 2 girls from circuit (one who I know is UBER slow in the shower) beat me to the locker rooms. I dilly-dallied around the gym for about 10 minutes, thinking I would give them time to get in the shower and be done. Well. NO. By the time I got back there, they were still chatting like two slow hens. Finally they got in the shower. And there I sat. In my towel. Just waiting.

And waiting.

And thinking. Who takes forever in the showers at work when you know someone is waiting? WHO? So at least 12 minutes later they both emerge. I get in the shower, shampoo, condition, and clean my dirty bits in under 2 minutes.

They were still not dressed by the time I did my hair, makeup, got dressed, and left.

Stupid people.

Lumpy Cold Things

I have never really eaten cottage cheese in my life. Over the holidays, I ate, and now make...a really yummy cottage cheese taco dip. Man it's good. But I never just eat it plain.

My coworker bought one of those 100 calorie cottage cheese and fruit mixer things for me. So I mixed in the strawberries and tried to eat it just like that.

Amy no like. It's the weirdest texture! So I ate it with wheat thins and it was pretty tasty. Well, that might be exaggerating a smidge...but it wasnt bad, and for 100 calories and 9 grams of protein...I think I can do it again.


  1. I totally feel the same about those scales & the people at amusement parks! you will NEVER see me getting on of those things. no matter how thin i get!

    also, recipe for cottage cheese taco dip, please!!!

  2. My skinny husband weighs himself at publix all the time! Yes, skinny people are weird!

  3. Recipe for cottage cheese taco dip please!!!!!!

  4. mmmm I love me some cottage cheese! I make super yummy cottage cheese and ricotta cheese pancakes which I bet you'd love! Thank god our grocery stores don't have scales in them here in MA, it would ruin the whole grocery shopping expeience.

  5. How do you shower in two minutes? I can't even rinse the shampoo out of my hair in two minutes! And then I have to condition. And then there's shaving. And then rinsing out the conditioner.

    This is why I never showered at the gym :)

  6. They moved our humongous scale from the front door of our Publix to over by the wine. I think it's so when you see the number on the scale you can run grab the needed booze very quickly. And you're sooo right. Skinny people are very wierd.

  7. Ugh! Hate the slow shower people!

    As for cottage cheese, I can't stand it but I found if I put some marinara on top of it, muy bueno!

  8. Okay, I remember reading someones bandster blog about how they were obsessed with weighing in those scales and I always thought, "Holy balls batman, I would never have the guts to do that in public". So, my theory.. brave people do it.

  9. Some people are so just wannna slap them silly! Move it up already!

  10. That is frickin crazy! Jumbo Scales at the store??? I would cringe too! Ugh! Hellz no!

  11. I know we have them here too. Stupid scales at the store. Skinny people my farts can blow away always hop on...I don't know. But alas it is what it is. Oh and cottage cheese I like on cucumber sprinkled with a little garlic powder. The cucumber provides a crunch and the garlic powder makes the cottage cheese taste good :)

  12. I will mix mine in my food processor or blender with a bit of powdered Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix to make a non-fat, low cal, high protein dip. I can't stand plain cottage cheese. It's a texture thing for me too. If it isn't blended smooth, then I'm not eating it!

  13. Speaking of protein. What protein shake do you like? I am having a heck of a time finding one that turns my crank.

  14. First, I REALLY want some of that taco dip up there!

    Second, this large lady is one who LOVES those scales. I know I'm a nut, but when I start a plan it becomes a part of my ritual, and I can save the little printouts as evidence of my journey! :)