Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lose It App

Tracking calories.  You know how I feel about it.  Most of the time...I am anti-tracking.  "They say" (you know...whoever "they" is that does studies) that tracking and counting your calories is actually unhealthy for you and creates a negative relationship with food...AND...that as long as you are eating healthy and clean...you shouldn't need to worry about calories.
But let us be honest.
#1.   I do NOT eat healthy and clean most of the time....and
#2.  You can find a study that says anything...Like standing in the wind for 15 minutes each day helps you poop.  Seriously.  There is probably a study for it.

But, when I am bonkers with my food intake, or find myself rounding calories to the nearest zero...as in...oh...those peanut butter cups have ZERO calories, I track or journal.  Heather has been tracking on the regular for at least a year.  We were using the livestrong/daily plate app...but about a month ago we switch to Lose It.  You can see the little app that looks like a scale. 
I must say I like this app SO much more than the livestrong app.  It is more user friendly.  One of the best features is that when you are entering your calories, if the product has a barcode...you can scan the barcode with your phone and it will find all the information for you!  This even worked for a blueberry pie made fresh at the grocery store.  It had a barcode and it pulled up the info.  It also has more exercises listed for tracking your exercise.
Below is a snapshot of how it tracks your calories and food for the day.   Pretty nice...considering the app is free.
One of the best parts about the apps is that you can add "friends".  And although I can't see what you ate or your calorie count, it will let me see any activity you have logged, how much you burnt, and the results of your weigh in...and you can see mine....and then we can comment on each other! So exciting yes?  You can barely contain yourself?  I know.

But if you do add it, and want to be my "friend" on lose it, search by my email. amy.workman@gmail.com


  1. I wish I would have seen this two weeks ago, but I use the myfitnesspal app and I LOVE it for all the same reasons! Scanning barcodes? Even this lazy butt can do that! Freakin love it. (and it fulfills my "always wanted to be a checkout girl" fantasy - yah, I know, way to dream big. lol)

  2. Wow I defiantly want to give that app a go, it sounds great!

  3. I track faithfully using myfitnesspal and I look at it like its a challenge. I like to get as many grams of protein as I can without going over my calories for the day. My goal is 1100. I know if I can keep my carbs to 50 or less, I can easily eat 90-100 g of protein.

    You are a competitive girl Amy...if you look at this way, I think you wil have continued success!

  4. Love it! Now I am going to go stand in the wind for 15 minutes....

  5. I sent you a friend request........ <3 LoseIt (except when I have to confess about a gain!)

  6. That sounds JUST like MyFitnessPal. I will have to give it a go and see which one I like better! :) ps... it's pretty windy here in KC..I may just have to test this out...

  7. I use MyFitnessPal, and it sounds like it does everything you mention, but it does let your friends see your food diary and they can see yours if you choose to let them. I'm not sure if the app does that or just the website, but it is an option.

    MyFitnessPal has really helped me stay within my calorie range although I tend to not record my alcohol intake, which probably makes it a bit off at times (read "weekends").

  8. Hi Amy - just added you to my friend requests on Lose It. Thanks for the open invite!