Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Philospher Amy: You May Kiss My Ring Now

Things I Know For Sure:

1. Nothing is for sure.

2. I will never be the girl with perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect nails, or soft feet. Instead I will be the girl running barefoot through the yard, strong hands, messy hair, and maybe a little mascara for a special occasion. And that's good enough for me.

3. There is no need to fear failure. If you try and don't succeed, at least you tried...and that's more than most people can say.

4. I don't believe in regret. Every decision, every love lost, every horrible mistake or embarrassing moment, has led me to this exact point in my life. And this is where I am supposed to be.

5. You have to have something to believe it. It can be your God, your kids, your love. I believe in the power of dreams. I believe in the power of the human heart. I believe in laughter. And I believe in passion.

6. Everybody poops.

7. Even ladies fart.

8. Life is unpredictable. You never know...really...what is in store for you. Keep this in mind even on your darkest days. Tomorrow may be the best day of your life.

9. With that said, I know that you can't just wait for life to happen. I know that I am in control of my destiny.

10. Wearing sexy underwear under workout clothes makes me giggle. I just wish they made lacy thongs with more dangly bit support.

11. I believe that you should smile at everyone you can. For some, it may be the only smile they see all day. Be the person that shares joy.

12. You can give too much of yourself. But I do it anyways.

13. If you love someone, tell them. If you think someone is beautiful, tell them. I find myself telling complete strangers that I like their dress, or their hair, or their face.

14. What you give, comes back to you. What you take...that comes back as well. Make sure you give more than you take.

15. What makes us beautiful is not the size of our waist, the number on the scale, or the color of our eyes. What makes us beautiful is our soul. There is no band or quick fix for the soul. What makes us beautiful is the way we treat others, the kindness inside, the way we carry ourselves.

16. When you find real love, you will know it.

17. When you have a real orgasm, you will also know it. If you find yourself saying, "Well, I THINK I had an orgasm"...trust me. You didn't.

18. Time waits for no one.

19. Most people don't really want honesty . They want "their version" of honesty. They want to hear what they want. This makes it tough to tell the truth sometimes.

20. Tuesday always follows Monday.

Happy Tuesday loves!


  1. Wonderful post... one thing I know for sure is that your posts always make me smile. Thanks for that! :-)

  2. Beautiful post from seriously one of the most beautiful people I know.

  3. I love this post and I might have to bite your idea (do people still say bite)and do something similar.

  4. I smiled while reading this post, but especially #12 and #16. I give far too much of myself to others, but I will continue to do it, too! And? I love true love :).

  5. Great to hear your perspective- there is a lot of wisdom here.

  6. I LOVE you! I think you are BEAUTIFUL! I think you are AMAZING!!! Thank you!!!

  7. You always know how to make me feel better!

  8. You are a wise woman! Wonderful post!!!

  9. WHAT?!?! Girls don't fart!! OR POOP!

  10. I live my life based on number 13. And I think you are fabulous in far too many ways to mention here!

  11. I live my life based on #7.

    Haha, no but really, soy protein shakes do that to a girl!

  12. (¯`v´¯)
    .`·.¸.·´ ♥
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥

  13. Thanks dear, I needed this.

  14. I live my life based on #17 ;)

    Thanks Amy.

  15. Love the list almost as much as I love you!

  16. What a wonderful list! I love #17 and it is so true. I was 27 when i had the first big O and it was like "Dear God, THAT'S what is was supposed to be like?"

  17. This was FANTASTIC.... Thank you so much... your AWESOME



  18. What a neat gal you are, and one smart cookie.

  19. #1 is self-contradicting.. but the rest, YES. :)

  20. Missed you AMY..just checked in after a long time not blogging. You look marvelous and I am happy you are happy with your new life. I still have your before and after pics that I carry around with me! I am at a 30 lb loss (finally) and will be posting pics soon...looking forward to getting the next 30 off then maybe another 20 or 30! It is a very slow process for me, and although part of me says "But I want it NOW" I know I will get there eventually. Cheers! Linda from Detroit xoxo

  21. I love this list. I think I'm going to write one of my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. get another entry up PRONTO!

  23. ohh where ohhh where has our little amy gone. Maybe she is off having some fun.. or maybe she is just on the run.. LOL. Rhyming is not all that it is cut out to be.. Miss you... Summer and life changes have you busy. Hope to see you back soon..

    PS time to spuce up your blog your background has run away with you..

    Take care..

  24. Just wanted to say... I am soooooooo proud of you for reaching goal- or having it in sight. You look amazing and sound so happy. I just had a fill after a 3 month stand still... and am ready to get back to bizness. ; ) I shouldn't be proud of "not gaining" but for me that is HUGE, no pun. Stay happy and active. BTW, you mentioned sleeping on JD sheets, my son's whole room is yellow and green. We don't even own a lawn mower, so have no idea where the love came from. : ) HUGS... Laura

  25. I Amy. I just started reading your blog tonight. I have skimmed through it here and there. You are pretty much bad ass! I am in the P'cola area myself and plan to be banded this fall.