Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Third Nipple

Good morning from bright and sunny Florida! Land of pelicans, sandy white beaches, and oil spills. The oil comes and goes (I will never understand how), and I actually went in the Gulf for a quick dip this weekend. It looked clean....so I decided to ignore the signs that said "WARNING!!! IF YOU GET IN THE WATER YOU WILL BECOME A TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE".

So, I may have a third nipple growing in my armpit or something, but HEY! I live on the edge.

Saturday I went home with Heather to boat and play hillbilly. I love Heather's family to death and always have an amazing time when we go visit. She is from the country and it reminds me of home. We were going to help her cousin build a barn, but we went out on the water instead.

Things I have learned while visiting Defuniak Springs:

How to chew tobacco. Yes...I actually put it in my mouth. I will never do it again. It was peer pressure. It was apple flavored and literally just a little baby pinch.

How to throw a casting net to catch mullet. Do you know what mullet is? A fish of some sort. I don't EAT fish of ANY sort (are you thinking of a lesbian joke? You are aren't you?), but it was still fun to try and lasso one.

How to shoot a gun. You saw that already.

I have had boiled peanuts and pickled eggs. Boiled peanuts are SOOO good...pickled eggs are kinda yucky.

How to hang on for dear life when mudding on a four wheeler.

How letting a 5 year old drive the four wheeler is never a good idea.

So there you have it. Life lessons one can learn at 30.

hugs and kisses my little love bunnies! Hugs and kisses.


  1. I think you have the most exciting life! Seriously! Hey, if you turn into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...please post a picture! And if you do grow a 3rd nipple...please post a picture of that too! Love me some pictures...especially of the AWESOME AMY!!!

  2. I'm from the country so pickled eggs are delish....so are pickled pigs feet. Oh they are to die for. Bad for you, but lawd they are good. I have never had boiled peanuts before though. Hmmm not liking the sound of wet peanuts....LOL @myself. (Amy you starting stuff)

    Try some fried pickles w/ ranch dressing....OMG for realz!!!

  3. Who is to say that you can't learn new things at any age? Never a dull moment in your life!

    I second Pamela's comment above...Fried pickles are delish!!!

  4. your days seem even more fun-filled than ever...so happy for you!

    @ pamela...fried pickles w/ranch are my #1 love. especially when they are breaded in cornmeal.

  5. I just got done wiping coffee from my computer screen. I was NOT expecting that lesbian joke! Haha! It cracked me up and coffee came out of my nose.

    What would your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle name be? :)

  6. Welcome back! Almost snorted black bean soup through my nose at the fish/lesbian thing. Glad all is well in Amy-land! (And I LOVE the underpants photo in previous post.)

  7. Fun adventures, Ames! Pickled eggs horrify me, but everything else sounds good!

  8. Amy welcome to my little Redneck corner of the world. I heart boiled peanuts. and Mullet is a throw away yucky fish anyway.
    Keep us posted on the adventures

  9. I thought the lesbian joke was going to be the third nipple reference.

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  10. LOL I don't eat fish either...I swear, I'm a vag-itarian. :)

  11. Good to hear you are having such a fun time. I'm with everyone else on the photos but you can keep all the pickled stuff to yourself "yuck" although they do say "dont knock it till youve tried it" About many things lol

  12. Always teaching us something new.

  13. Y'all passed right by me and didn't even stop! *pout* Next time, please do!
    I went to Pensacola Beach this weekend to let Monster watch the Blue Angels and thought about you! Glad you had a great weekend!

  14. ok...well how is this for something all ironical-like...
    here i am munching on peanuts...la-da-dee...let's read about amy's 3rd nipple...BOOM! lesbian/fish joke...i spit nut (s) all over my screen...that is all...

  15. Kerri's fawning starstuck, there's third nipple talk, Lesbian innuendos, Carmen spitting nuts, everyone's pickling everything, and spewing things out of their nose... This must be Amy's blog I tripped upon. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at band camp..." Check out my blog at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com

  16. You lost all this weight without eating any fish? Damn, you are like magic or something.