Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Survival of the unFittest

I have lived to see another sunrise.


Can I just say that before I do a running recap, you guys are hilarious! Some of your comments on my posts yesterday actually made me laugh out loud. And I love that. So pat yourselves on the back funny people...mama is giving you kudos.

Okay. So...

I was super cranky yesterday afternoon...probably due to my fear of impending death and also my impending period. We arrived at McGuires a little after 5:00 pm. I could feel the actual sun flares lapping my skin. I was going to walk/jog with my coworker Loyd and we would leave a little ahead of the runners so we would finish close to the same time. He asked me if I was ready. I don't remember my exact words or sentence, but I do remember saying f*&^ at least 9 times.

So off Loyd and I go. Loyd is a speed walker. I am a short stubby leg walker. However, I tried to keep up. Then we started jogging. I proceeded to walk and jog. I jogged further than I thought I could. I played a little game in my head called "Pretend Heather is standing at the end, watching you run". It's a fun game. You should play too! Of course you can substitute Heather for your husband, wife, hollywood dream mate, life partner, or me... But it does help me. Because I know...and you know...that we push ourselves more when we are trying to be impressive.

At one point after jogging several blocks, my body felt like a furnace. I am pretty sure I could have boiled eggs on it.

But the end came. And I survived. And yes...I will probably go back next week.

Today I doing circuit training over lunch and Zumba after work. I believe in the land of crazy this is called "Two a Days".

You know how many I am doing tomorrow? NONE.

Wait. I lied. I am doing circuit in the morning.

Okay...did you know THIS. You shouldn't make a habit of doing total body weight lifting back to back. Meaning, if I do total body (working my arms, legs, back, abs, etc)...I shouldnt do that the very next day. So today I am doing just upper body and abs. Tomorrow I will do just lower body and abs.


I prefer doing total body. Its hard and a little monotonous doing 55 minutes of JUST arms...or JUST legs.


Okay, I am going to change and take a quick swig of the hooch before working out. I thought it would be funny yesterday if while I was running, my sweat would come out orange. I would be sweating diet sunkist!

Good times!


  1. I was very worried that Amy may be no longer after your last post. I am terribly impressed with your first stab at a group run!

    P.S. I think you're crazy. I ran in FL when I was in college (the last time I was skinny) and I think I was crazy. It's too damn hot and humid to play outside anywhere except the beach or in the pool during the summer!!

  2. My prayers worked!!!! Glad to see you are still with us!!
    I'm on the two-a-day as well today.. circuit/trainer this AM and Zumba tonight.. Oy.. the pain.

  3. Oh thank goodness you survived.... I have been waiting for your post! Anyway, I will try the "Imagine Heather is watching" the next time I go walk/jog! Heather is HOT so maybe she will be "watching", you are WAY HOT so maybe you will be "watching", I would have my hubby "watch" but he irks me lately! Grr! Glad you survived! YAY!!!

  4. ha love reading your blog!

  5. I am glad you survived without resorting to my idea of fake passing out. Although as hot as it is here it's a wonder everyone doesn't. I have been here most of my life and you just can't get used to this madness. Again happy to see you are still with us.

  6. All I know is I would have fell the hell out if I was doing it. Good job Amy!!! Whooo-hoooo!!

    I think I will imagine myself running to Laz Alonso....if you don't know who he is click Either him or my girl crush Stacey Dash.

  7. I am going out on a limb and trying a two a day tomorrow. Zumba at 8am and at 4:30 pm. Hopefully I don't die! I commend you for your walk/run outside in the heat! I think I will join you in the fall, when it's much cooler!

  8. You don't know me but I was channeling you today. Did you feel it??

    While looking for new pants ( I am in that dreaded too big for misses/ too small for women's place) I saw the bathing suits. I drifted over and they had a two piece in a size 16.

    I thought I was too fat to wear a two piece when I was a size 4. I never would consider a 2 piece as an adult...and yet....something in my mind gave a tug and I thought....Think of Amy.

    Such an inspiration you are-- and only because you are so fearless did I have the courage to try it on.

    It fit!!

    I was stunned. I didn't buy it but I took a photo to remind me that I am not defined by my body.

    Thank you from a stranger who would not be comfortable in my own skin without your blog.


  9. Two a day? I mean really? Is this the madness that ensues when you date a hot body of muscle. If yes, I must find one to date right away. Shhh...we won't tell the husband. It'll be alright. I'll just tell him Amy told me to do it...and give him your phone number. Teehhhee...loves you raindrop!

  10. So proud of you! Hope to join you one day -- but not on the "two a days"! Once a day is enough for me!

  11. I knew you would live to blog another day! And you jogged part of the way... Got air? I would have hyperventilated or something. You are that girl who runs for fun now.... I am still that girl who only runs from a rapist, and if he was cute enough, not even then. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at band camp..." Check out my blog at