Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Like Gifts...and Mirrors

I am a mermaid yes? Yes. Over the last year and a half, I have expressed this delusion several times.

Shall I share with you a little picture of the gift I received from Heather? Oh...I shall.

It's a mermaid ring! I likes it. I want to cuddle with it, whisper sweet nothing into its non-existent ears, and take it shopping for bath supplies.

Moving on.

A couple of things we need to discuss.

Let us commence.

Do you ever find it so surprising when you find that people are reading your blog from your real life? People you would never have thought would read your blog? It's weird and wonderful (if they are friend), and slightly disturbing (if they are foe). But...I like to think about the weird and wonderful ones more than the disturbing ones. It does make me pause for a brief moment of reflection and think of all the things I discuss on here...dangly bits, poopy time, bad shots of my saggy skin. And then I think " you perhaps share a weee too much?" And the answer is generally "YES"...but nots to worry lovies. I will probably always be an oversharer. I was born that way.

This weekend we spent several days and nights at Heather's homeland in Defuniak. You know...where I shot a gun and fell on the rocks trying to be a rockstar. WELL, this weekend I did something really gross. And I mean...REALLY GROSS.

I ate fish. And fish gizzard.

Did you know fish had gizzards? Well hell, I didnt. And I don't eat fish. I gave it up somewhere about 2nd grade, when at lunch time, I was eating a fish sandwich in the cafeteria and I saw some silver scale or something in my little fish patty. I called it quits after that. And since then, I have had a violent, some may say irrational, disgust of the fish.

BUT, because I love Heather's cousin Henry (and his wife who is also named Heather), and Henry pressures me into things like fishing, chew, and now fish organs...I manned up and ate.

First. The fish I ate was mullet. Second, I should state that we (and I mean Henry while all of us watched) caught the fish earlier that day. Heather cooked the fish and the gizzards up and I (fresh off a pretty restrictive fill may I remind you) popped that damn gizzard in my mouth and began to chew. And it was CHEWY! I have to tell you that the taste wasnt overwhelmingly vomit inducing, but the fact that it was like chewing rubber did not appeal to me. The fish on the other hand was actually pretty good! I think it was Heather's cooking. But I would try it again for sure.

Meanwhile, it's hotter than Satan's ass here. We went out in the boat and the water must have been a cook 1000 degrees. Yucky.

Work has been crazy busy. I have no internet at home. It rained yesterday. Are all of these valid reasons for being a bad blogger? No? Fine.

Oh yes. My weight. I am still holding at 172. I blame Zara for sassing me about secret weapon (my girlfriend)...but actually...I am to blame. I have been eating a little coo coo lately. It's a wonder that I am still holding at 172. I am not worried though. It will happen.

I am officially almost out of clothes to wear to work. I have gifted some of my 14's to bandsters, and a few of my bigger dresses to a coworker. I am in need of 12's...and so...mama is going shopping this Saturday. I am just going to get a few basics. A pair of slacks, a dress, a pencil skirt, a pair of closed toe heels (mine are too big now and I feel like a four year old walking around in her mom's shoes), and a couple of work tops. OOOH, maybe a pair of workout pants. I will keep you posted on that. It still seems unreal to me that I will be shopping for 12's!

This Friday we are going to the Sugarland concert. I loves me some Sugarland. I have a girl crush on Jennifer Nettles. I told Heather that I was going to make a little paper airplane and soar it on stage confessing my love to Jennifer. Sigh. She didn't understand. But, regardless, we are only 10 rows back and I am excited.

And that's it for this very moment.



  1. I get the fish, but fish guts? And they werent even sardines? Eww lol.,
    I hear you about the too big clothes and our feet? Weird that our feet get small too, though I guess it makes sense. I keep hoping my size 9 klodhoppers will shrink but to no avail. Still a 9, though they sure have lessened in puffiness - I can see all the bones. Nice huh?

  2. Okay, where I am from mullet are bait, not fish that you eat. And I don't know how someone talked you into fish gizzards...all I can say is, wow. Now the size 12 thing, hell yeah!! Awesome. I have noticed some of my shoes are a little lose now too. I was hoping that my feet would not shrink, I have lots of really really cute shoes! I have a girl crush on Jennifer Nettles too, I would love to go see those guys. Maybe I need to find some tickets!

  3. you should try putting Gel soles in your shoes that are getting too big. Thats what I did when I lost weight and my shoes got a half size too big. I HATE to throw out a pair of cute pumps!

  4. OMG, I hate fish too, and that silver sheen makes me dry heave. Sometimes I also see a rainbow reflection on raw beef, which I also find upsetting, but I haven't sworn it off like fish. Don't get me started on sushi.

  5. "Hotter than Satan's ass"! I'm so using that next summer!

    Fish gizzards? That is beyond gross. Sincerely, I think Heather's cousins may have been trying to kill you.

    Em :)

  6. one of my nightmares is that someone from my non-blog life finds and reads my blog, but most people in my life aren't the blog type!
    heather's cousin is a cutie!!
    love the ring!!

  7. I love fish, but fish gizzards....ewwww!!! You should see my face. It is frowned up in the must unflattering way. ewww!!! Now I love me so Jack Pirtle's chicken gizzards. OH MY WORD!!! They are sooooo good and sadly one of the foods I might have to give up because yes they are deep fried *sigh*....

    Anywho CONGRATS on getting in 12s!! Dang you rock!!

  8. I LOVE your mermaid ring. When I was younger I used to swim around with ankles linked pretending my 2 legs were a tail. Next thing you are going to tell me is that mermaids have gizzards. I vaguely remember being in a size 12 and it was a wonderful time. Have fun shopping.