Sunday, July 11, 2010

What?! Blogger has been broken for over a week?!

Can you believe it? I have been trying to blog now for over a week and Blogger has been broken. Wow..yeah....
What? You can't believe it?
FINE! I am lying!!!! I can't ever pull anything over on you guys.

I haven't been hiding, overeating, or forgetting about the loyal legion of blog readers in our wonderful world of unicorns and CareBear gumdrop turds. I went on a little vacation to the meet my best friend of over a decade...Lisa. Lisa lives in Seattle, we met at a summer camp in upstate New York where somebody put us in charge of children and canoes. I haven't seen her in over 4 years, and you know your friendship is awesome when after 4 years, it doesn't seem like you have been apart for more than 4 seconds.
I was actually getting in bed when I got a facebook message from Kerri linking me to this post on her blog. So how could I NOT turn on the old lappie top and make an entry. In all fairness, I typed an entry last week. But I typed it at 3 in the morning or something so it wasnt very witty and I saved it to drafts and never published the little sucker. I might give it a once over and publish it anyways.
So, here is what happened whilst I was vacaying in Alabama. I will number the events for your reading pleasure:
1. Lisa and I went for a walk. Turns out the Pumas I love so dearly and wear to circuit and Zumba are not made for walking. After about a mile, I knew the blisters on my heels were quickly inflating to grapefruit size, and I was left with no other choice but to...


Now, I thinking that jogging and/or running is just athletic snobbery. I mean, for those walkers amongst us who have completed 5ks at a very impressive walking speed, do you ever tell people that you "walked" the race and they are like..."OOOOOH...yeah....okay." While they look down their noses at us walkers? I also like to say that jogging is bad for your joints, ups your risk of dying while exercising, and other such excuses. Secretly though...I want to be a jogger. DO NOT tell anyone damn it. My reputation will be ruined. So, Lisa and I jogged a good portion of the remaining mile back to the boat.
2. We took apeshit loads of pictures. If you have friended me on Facebook, you have surely viewed some of them.

3. We canoed and went golf ball hunting. The marina is right by a golf course, and during the cold season when the lake weeds (millfoil) isnt overgrown, we once found 100 golf balls in the water. Our latest endeavour netted us only 10. Please remember when exiting a canoe, always point the toe.

4. We went to Zumba. OH GOOOOOD LORD it was horrible. I have long worried that Priscillia, my current Zumba instructor, has ruined me. You see...she is Zumba. She is a little Latin jumping bean....and our Zumba is high HIGH impact. You are jumping and your heart is racing the entire time. The Zumba Lisa and I went to brought shame upon the house of Zumba. And did you know what we had to do? We freaking left before the class was over. Just walked right out.
5. We skied and kneeboarded everyday. Lisa learned to kneeboard like a champ, and ate the water with her face several times. Please for the love of Pete, check out the video of her swan diving the wake on my Facebook. I pee'd a little when it actually happened. Right in my swimsuit. A giggle tinkle if you will. I skied at least twice an outing. And I loved it. My parents and Lisa are trying to get me to do a toehold. You take your back foot out of the ski and stick it in front of you and put the handle on it. Yeah. I will get a picture of that when it actually happens!

6. I ate loads of poppycock. And by poppycock, I mean CRAP! Oreos for breakfast, ice cream with dark chocolate peanut butter cups for breakfast the next day...etc. And guess what? I came home to face the Scale of Terror...and I didnt gain one pound! God Bless America. So I am still weighing in at 178.
7. And because in Scottsboro there is nowhere to shop, we went to Kmart almost everyday. Walmart provided us with adult cartoon shirts. Pictured below.
And these cute little undies came from the Big K!
Makes ya just want to wink at your neighbor doesnt it?
And so that's it! I am back in Pensacola now and just so SUPER excited to go back to work tomorrow. NOT!
But I am a little excited to get back to working out like normal. I fear my muscles have turn to ash. Or oreo dust.
Kisses my lovies!


  1. So glad you are back! I am sure I speak for many when I say WE MISSED YOU!!!

    My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw on my dashboard that you had not just 1 but 2 new posts. My boys & I just got home from a weekend out of town so I'm trying to catch up on posts but I just had to read these first.

    Glad you had a fantabulous time!!

  2. You definitely were missed... I am thrilled that you had a great time and I almost peed a little while reading your other post... *Maria*-blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blog at

  3. Glad you are back home! I missed you again last week! Hope to see you at support group.

  4. I am so glad you are back! YAY!!! Love me some Amy!

  5. Love the shirts and am completely jealous of your tan.

  6. Yes, Yes, YES!!! Amy is back!! I'm glad you had fun with your BFF. I was peeping your pics earlier in the week and saw the toe pointing while exiting your canoe, so graceful, LOL. And the winking panties are to die for. I need some of those in my life. Welcome home Amy!!

  7. Scored a "10" on the toe point canoe exit - the judges were more than impressed with your technique. I'm glad you went ALONE to be with your girlfriend - I'm sure it gave the two of you a much more relaxing environment to catch up on. Glad yall had such a blast

  8. Those bottoms are flipping great!

  9. Oh, I've missed you! But, at least I got my Amy fix with the Facebook postings (I watched the video of Lisa and tinkled a little too).

    I think the next time you see Lisa, it needs to be in SEATTLE for crying out loud! Get your skinny ass out here!

    I wrote a post quite awhile back about how I tried Zumba at my gym and HATED it. I seriously didn't understand the hype and now I really do think it was because of the lame-o instructor. I guess I'll actually go to a Zumba studio that was recommended to me and give it another go.

    Smooches! Missed ya!

  10. Missed you! Sounds like a fun trip!

  11. Welcome home pop tart...welcome home.

  12. Liar liar pants on post 3x a day as punishment for staying away so long. And say 10 Hail Marys and 10 Our Fathers...yah...that should do it.

  13. HOT panties and happy you are back...definitely missed!