Monday, July 26, 2010

Goal Posts

Today I stepped on the scale to find a little diddy called 172. That's right. I weigh 172 L.B.'s (say it the cool way with this....ellll bees).

That puts me 155 pounds down. 2 pounds from goal.

Makes you want to kiss me a little doesn't it?

I was alerted today by Loydie, by fabulous coworker, that I have not posted in a week. I said...NOOOOO?! Really? Because I didnt realize it had been that long.

Here's a synopsis if you will of the last seven days:

1. I got to see Dr. Friedman for a fill! Have I mentioned I love that man? Sigh. He feeds my Rockstar Voice and I often leave the office with an inflated ego that lasts me for a good 24 hours. I wasn't sure if I was going to get a fill or not, because honestly, I liked where my restriction was. I could eat most foods, just in little portions. However, I did notice with these last 10 pounds or so, my restriction wasn't holding me very long. For example, I could eat about 2-3 ounces of chicken breast and be super full...but in 30 minutes it would move through and I would want to eat again. So in for a fill I went. It had been almost 6 months since my last one.

2. Oh I have restriction now Fo SHO! It kinda annoys me just a little because I didnt realize how comfortable I had gotten with what I could eat. I have to relearn some of our basic bandster rules chewing. And not shoveling food or popping it in my mouth without thinking.

3. Heather has now experienced several PB's. She always gives me a hug afterwards. It's actually a lot rougher on her than me. She no likey the sound of the dreaded PB.

4. I have officially moved. Address change and all. My "homebase" has been Tracey's. On Saturday we moved all my stuff. I now live with Heather and her exgirlfriend.

5. Something potentially horrible has happened. I believe I have been horn-swaggled into playing on a co-ed rec softball league. Have I shared with you that I believe in Adult TeeBall? I have no idea why there aren't any leagues. I can't hit a ball! I think it's because it takes me back to my childhood when my dad was always the coach and would say "JUST KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL AMY"! It's not the simple okay? I DO keep my eye on the ball, I swing like a powerhouse, and then I promptly miss that sucker all together. Let's hope, for my sake and the teams, that I am just backup. I would like my nickname to be SwitchHitter though. Get it?

6. We went out Saturday night with some friends to the new Jimmy Buffett hotel and bar. It's on the beach of course and we had a great time. I am going to save the deep thoughts for my next post, but getting hit on is a trip! Heather and I had walked to the bathroom and as soon as she went in, a guy turned around and told me I was beautiful. I said "I beg your pardon". He said "I just want to tell you that you are beautiful and look like an Indian Princess." Yes. Clearly he was drunk. And then he tried to hug me and kiss me on the cheek. People are crazy. I wanted to say "sir...I appreciate your kind words....but my girlfriend will punch you in the throat".

7. I got's a little drunkie poo on Friday night. I was doing some housework and ran to the grocery store and picked up a bottle of Sangria. I dont know if this counts as wine or not, but I have never bought wine in my life. But I went home, muddled some fruit, poured a glass in the most spectacular wine glass I could find, and walked around like the lady I am...drunk in about 10 minutes. I must learn to sip!

I hope Monday finds everyone happy and healthier than Tuesday.


  1. I missed you! Whoo-hoo on being 2 ell bees away from goal. You are a rockstar!!!

    Um, nice try on trying to sneak in that you live with Heather's ex. I must have deets.

    You are my favorite Indian Princess SwitchHitter.


  2. Awesome- so close to goal. You are a role model- how does it feel??

    Re: girlfriend and exgirlfriend- it's all good. You are young, and having fun. Enjoy!

  3. It has been awhile! Way to go on being 2lb or 2 ell bees away from goal! That is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I can't imagine how great that feels! Things are obviously going well with Heather! Good luck on the new living situation. ;) Are you going to do anything special to celebrate getting to your goal when you get there???

  4. Two pounds from goal, huh? You rock, Amy! Congratulations :)

  5. Really kind of does make me want to kiss you! xxxxxxxx ;)

    Do you realize its only 8 weeks away to Chicago when I get to see your face in person!?!

    You are a rockstar and I love you. Congrats on freaking pretty much making it to goal. In my books you are there because the way you rock things you'll be writing your actual goal post tomorrow.


  6. I've missed you! You are only 2 ell bee's away from GOAL! Holy Crap! That is awesome. Congrats on moving and being hit on an being an Indian princess. That is even AWESOMEer!
    Love yous to pieces (don't punch me in the throat please Heather! :)

  7. Um. Yeah. Sangria is like kool-ade which is why I love it so. Goes down niiiiiiiicccccceeeee and easy and before you know it you are drunkey drunk drunk drunk.

    Getting hit on IS fun. Boys, girls, whatever. It's all good.

  8. I would never let anyone horn-swaggle me into playing baseball -- you are a braver soul than I!! By the way, I love "horn-swaggle!"

  9. You are losing so much weight, what an amazing story you have to tell. These two ell bees will be gone before you know it

  10. Holy Shiznit girl! You are kicking ass and taking names! Amazing!!!

  11. Good luck living with the ex. Been there, done that, would NOT want to buy that t-shirt.

    Yea for the last two pounds! You should have a contest for when they'll be gone! :0)

  12. Good for you my LITTLE Amy! You will always be a rockstar in my book!

  13. You're AMAZING! Thanks for the update.

  14. 2 pounds from goal?? Are you serious??? OMG!

  15. Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I am so proud of you. BTW, did Dr. Friedman tell you how much saline is in your band, hmmmm? Just curious.

  16. Holy shit...2 lbs from goal...I still remember your posts from a week post op and can't believe how far you've come.
    You're amazing (as if you didn't already know this) and we miss you when you stay away...I feel like an abandoned orphan. A little too dramatic...perhaps.

  17. Holy Crap! You are playing softball!!?? How stereotypical can you get? What's next? Congrats on being so close to goal. You look it!!!

  18. Wh-wh-what? Living with your girlfriend and her ex-girlfriend? Are you auditioning for a reality show?

    Glad you're settled into your new digs, though. And TWO pounds to goal - you are absolutely amazing, girl. Congratulations!!!

  19. Awesome news on the 2 ell are already ripping it up!

    So how is the new living arrangement working it not uncomfortable with the exgirlfriend....I am sure it will all work out....

    I am an Indian Princess or Queen (sometimes) too...because of my real name (which is an Indian Queen's name) manypeople call me that! I just wish I felt like one! LOL...
    Looking forward to seeing ya in Chicago....xx

  20. Congrats on being two ell bees from goal. You are such an inspiration. YOU ROCK!

  21. You are truly an inspiration to me. I am a "1 week out bandy" and so happy to see the transformation in your Blog. Inspired me to Blog too. A good way to keep each step fresh in my mind as I enter this new phase of my life.


  22. Well done! It's so good to hear that you don't hate those 2 ell bees. I hope they bugger off really quickly. The living arrangements sound super interesting ;-) ex's of any kind are always a challenge. I hope that's all going well for you.
    You look stunning so don't always assume the person giving the compliments is drunk. And I am surprised that men havent inserted lapbands into every woman, they really make us a cheap date lol one glass of wine and I'm anybody's!

  23. need deets on living with the ex, need a phone date, really! remember when you lovered me? and we were friends?!

  24. All I have to say is that you are just so freakin amazing!!! Totally amazing.

  25. I was thinking a lot about this post yesterday because 6 months after my banding, I'm falling off the band wagon (har har) with poor eating habits.

    So... after being a depressed little mouse, I decided to go back and read your blog from when you were about 6 months out. You weren't being perfect either. You had good weeks and bad weeks. Hell, I even went back and reread your post about frothing from the peanut butter pumpkin. :)

    There's a part of me which is really happy for you, in more ways than just your weight. There's also another part of me which is insecurely jealous of you. Like the, "if MY girlfriend was a personal trainer, I'd look that good too!" type of shit. Seriously. *JEALOUS GLARE* Silly, perhaps, but totally what I was thinking.

    Of course you're awesome. Duh. You HAVE to know that by now. But I am steadfast with my opinion that you are an inspiration. Whether through envy or admiration, you motivate me to step it up. And for that, I can't thank you enough.