Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stuffed Tomato Recipe

YUM YUM...last night I tried a new recipe. It is for stuffed tomatoes and goes a little something like this:

6 good sized 'maters. Washed.
1 pound lean ground beef.
2 cloves minced garlic (I use the kind already chopped up in the jar)
Oregano (or I used Italian seasoning)
Salt and pepper
1 (8.8 oz) package of fully cooked rice (Uncle Bens package)
1 little baby can of corn (you could use whatever you like)
2/3 cup of feta or bleu cheese

Preheat oven to 325. Cut the tops off of the tomatoes. Empty out the insides. Turn upside down on a papertowel to dry.
Brown meat with garlic. Once cooked, season with oregano, salt and pepper. Mix in one package of rice. Cook for additional three minutes.
Salt insides of tomatoes and stuff those suckers with the meat/rice mixture. You want it mounding out the top.
Place in 13 x 9 pan, cover with foil, back for 20 minutes. Take off foil and cook for additional 5 minutes.
Serve with a side salad on same plate.

Man...this was so easy and sooo good. You could really season it or add whatever you like to the meat. I used feta and it had a good salty quality. I also only stuffed 3 tomatoes, and just saved the meat/rice mixture for leftovers.



  1. Yum - sounds really good! I'll have to give that a try sometime!

  2. MHMMM I love me som tomaters!!!

  3. OMG I made these LAST night but stuffed peppers instead of tomatos and used ground turkey. Sooooo good! I sometimes pour tomato sauce on top before cooking in the oven which moistens them quite a bit. I am definetly going to try your recipe next time though.

  4. I have read a few posts this morning with people putting recipes on: This is another beauty. Can't wait to try it.. sounds yum.

  5. sounds delish! gonna have to try it!
    i think the kids would even eat least the stuffing, anyhow!