Friday, October 30, 2009

Delayed Yacking

Hi ya'll. Happy Halloween Eve! Tomorrow (weather permitting) we are doing a breast cancer walk. Not a race, just a walk from one of our malls to another. After that, we are cleaning house. Not OUR house, but a classmate of Tracey's from high school is moving to town and offered us some good money to clean the house. It is empty. But big. I don't like cleaning. But I like money :) So we will be spending our weekend doing that. The good things about that are: money, being with Tracey, and burning some house cleaning calories.

My fill is pretty interesting. Been eating soups and mushies. Last night I had about one ounce of turkey breast and some mashed potatoes. Tonight I had some pasta and little baby meatballs. I was actually surprised I could eat it. I probably ate 3/4 a cup. I wasn't "PB full". Felt fine. Then, over the course of about 30-40 minutes...I started getting uncomfortable. And then, up it came. Twice. And not gently.

Can someone explain this to me? Have you had a similar experience? I have eaten too much and known it immediately...and it took awhile to come up, but I have never thought I was fine just to find out 30 minutes later I wasn't.


Hope everyone has a safe Halloween weekend. Remember: Where light colored clothes. Have your parents check your candy before you eat it. And remember which house give out toothbrushes and/or you can skip them next year!


  1. Oh yeah!! That happened to me in Tassie (remember my post about THAT!) I felt ok eating it and about 10 mins to a half an hour later.. OMG.. horrible! It's also happened a few times since.. I really have to watch out for it.
    I'm like you...HATE housecleaning! So good thing you're getting well paid for it lol. If I had my way I would pay everyone anything to do this stuff for me.
    Have fun this weekend!!

  2. Thanks for sharing this information-- I've been reading alot of blogs to prep for my upcoming surgery-- and I have seen this phenomenon.
    Weird-- but I guess it might be something about the speed you ate and the amount??? I really don't know-- but what you describe kind of scares me and I want to try to avoid it. Your posts are very educational and I really appreciate all of the honestly you're providing!!
    Thank you.

  3. Hey Amy, I really don't PB, just get uncomfortable and pain, but during my most recent tightening episode, I can remember the pain didn't come immediatly, it was like 30-40 min after I ate. Maybe it has something to do with the digestion process?? Or maybe it takes that long for it to get to the point where it is going from the pouch into your stomach. I don't know, but I wish I could figure it out. Glad to hear you have good restriction! It is probably just a new learning curve and getting used to this fill. A reminder that we need to chew, chew, chew and go really slow.

  4. I have not experienced this but I haven't had a PB either. That sux! I wonder if it means I'm not tight enough? dunno but I'm going back to the md this week!

  5. Hi Amy-

    Happy Halloween!

    I have yet to "PB" but DO get and sick-ish feeling around the 20 min. (digestion) time and feel icky. I have an INTENSE fear of throwing up so I think my body just allows the pain and no puking. Anyway, I get that A LOT (when I over due it) and I attribute it to the digestion process. Interesting but probably nothing to worry about unless you are super uncomfortable and it doesn't pass. (mine does in like 10 min.)

    Have a great ugh.

  6. AMY AMY AMY, think about this.. Let some cooked pasta soak in some water for a while.. what happens??? It bloats (expands), I fugure this is what hapens in your tum tum, after you have eaten it. I am carefull with pasta. It may feel like you're not overly full at the time, but when its sitting in your lil pouch waiting it's turn to go down yonder, it is soacking in your stomach juices and swelling up..
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but thats my way of seeing it.
    Happy cleaning.. Just think of all the lovely bonus things you can buy with that money..
    xx Nene

  7. I have the same problem sometimes! It sucks!

  8. Yep that's been happening with me for the past 6 months. It's frustrating because when you feel pain immediately, you stop. But I'll be feeling fine, eating away, finish still feeling ok and then an hour later the mouth starts salivating, the pain the chest appears and I'm in the loo violently heaving. Sucks. I have no idea why it happens so sorry for the lack of insight but at least you know you're not alone!

    Em :)

  9. I feel like we could be the same person. Reading your blog and your outlook on life and your boyrfirend... I am so happy i found the blog! What a great motivator you will be for me! Thanks for sharing your journey for the rest of us to follow. I was banded in April and have lost 84 pounds. But the last few weeks have been crazy and i feel like i have eaten so many of the "wrong things" or the "wrong way" I go in for a fill on Friday so i am interested to see how things go! Thank you for sharing and being so honest in your posts!
    A fan in TEXAS!