Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Cover Girl....or actually Revlon. I have been on a hunt for a "nude" color lipstick. I purchased a couple from Avon and BOY they don't look like the picture. Can anyone say Grandma Ethel frosted pink? So, I noticed Kristen's lip color the other day and she told me it was Nude Attitude (sounds like me in the shower) by Revlon. OF COURSE Walgreens didn't have it, so I bought Just Enough Buff...and it will do for now. SO, I tried to take some Cover Girl pictures for you. The rule of the thumb for Cover Girl pictures (because I know you have always wondered) is that you must appear to be laughing at a great joke. Now, I didnt have fan to blow my hair...and my head is not tilted enough...AND the picture is blurry...but here you go

Closer shot of the lipstick.

Subtle. Yes?

Okay, now to the important stuff....You guys! Thank you for the comments yesterday. I love you guys. They made me very emotional. As I am sitting here with my fingers hovering over the keys, I am actually at a loss for words. Rare. But it is hard to put into words my gratitude.

Another thing I noticed in regards to the question about motivation if you had been thin before is this: I don't think it matters...BECAUSE....for those of you who have been thin, you never felt it or relished it. When you were thin you were striving for me (or less). I wonder if when we hit goal we will feel...content.

I also giggle bc there are so many of you who commented that I already consider thin! And you don't realize it!

I am doing better with each day. Today when I was in Walgreens, I actually chose NOT to get a sunkist. Amen sisters. That's a big step. I am on liquids today bc my fill is at 3. I am not looking forward to the fact that I will weigh the same as I was for my last unfill in September...but hey...I need help and that's what the band is for! No shame.



  1. Very luscious! Glad you're feeling better today! Good luck with your fill

  2. Amy~ You look beautimus (mix of beautiful and gorgeous)! I didn't get to post yesterday but I agree with everything they all said. Good job not getting the Sunkist. Hugs! My 2nd fill is tomorrow, so I'm on liquids tomorrow, no fun man. Hope it goes well.

  3. Amy! Love your lovely lips! I have come to love Revlons lipsticks. They work really well on me and last a long time :) When you run out of the color you purchased, go back and get nude attitude! Its my favorite!!

  4. Forget the lips, look at that skinny face! Awesome (I do like the lipstick too - and now I want the Nude Attitude).

  5. You put those covergirl models to shame girl.. Just check out those pretty eyes.. The colour of your cami top really brings them out. Love the lips too..
    xx Nene

  6. me likey... If you need a nice gloss, there's one by Chanel that is bootiful! It's kinda pricey but it lasts a while, a good splurge!

  7. You know - and I'm sure this is only something a woman would understand hunting for the perfect lipstick is both fun and frustrating and yet, don't we have an AHAH!! moment when we find just what we want lol. Usually I'm a coloured gloss kind of girl but scarily enough I was on the hunt for a nude lipstick too yesterday. Do you have the Australis range there in the US? I think it's an Aussie brand but we import so much I thought maybe you have that there too. The one I found was Australia Colour Inject - and the shade is SAMBA. It is SO gorgeous.. nude with a hint of pink.
    Anyway, gorgeous pics Amy. You are taking some rocking shots lately and look so beautiful. Really fresh and pretty. Love the lippie shade.
    PS I know my vlog was kinda longish... but I think Angie beat me by a min lol hers went for 6+. I was SO scared of boring people so trust me when I say mine was shorter than the one I almost put on there (the one I did first then scrapped lmao) And your v-logs are always fantastic!!! Don't ever worry about that xxxx

  8. WOO-HOO - love the lipstick! Glad you are feeling better and more "yourself"...... must be your "nude attitude!" wheeee!!!